Nature’s Own: Quality Supplements to Help You Become Healthy and Body Smart


When it comes to maintaining your health and well-being, there’s no simple way of getting the best outcome with one single solution because they’re a scope of things. Moreover, in order to get the wanted results, you need consistency. You won’t be able to notice much of a difference in your life if all you do is pay attention to exercise while leaving nutrition out of the equation.

As modern-day people, we’re no strangers to poor diets that lack the needed nutrients to keep our bodies in top shape. Sometimes it’s because of some chronic disease we’re facing, other times it’s the inability to cope with stress and anxiety. And there are also those days when we’re too busy to mind what we eat or how and when we eat it. Alas, all this leads to vitamin and mineral deficiency, both of which, in turn, are the culprits of various health issues.

When left unattended, these issues can easily become serious and even life-threatening. This makes it clear exactly how important our nutritional choices are, and puts an emphasis on supplementation. The supplement trend isn’t that recent, though it’s certainly gained a new level of popularity thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic when most people started paying attention to their immune system and searched for reinforcement to protect themselves from infections.

Australia wasn’t an exception to this occurrence, easily demonstrated with the sum of sales of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements in 2021 totaling 2.1 billion AUD. This is enough to get the idea of how competitive this specific market is in the country, so not surprisingly there are various brands and products one can choose from. Be that as it may, few can compare to the tried and tested range of Nature’s Own products. Whichever nutrient you require, or issue you want to nip in the bud, they’ve got your back with more than 70 options of supplements!

Nature’s Own: Quality Supplements to Help You Become Healthy and Body Smart

Nature’s Own, Australia’s Beloved Supplement Brand

Their fame didn’t come overnight, of course. With more than 40 years of experience and presence on the market, they continue to remain true to their long-established values when it comes to providing the customers with the very best of ingredients and vitamin and mineral mixes.

The reason for their success lies in the combination of searching and using the best raw ingredients, and implementing practices of natural holistic medicine for the developing and manufacturing of the formulas. Besides maintaining their traditions since the beginning, they also stay open to innovation and technologies, along with staying up to date with nutritional sciences to provide Australians and customers across the Pacific with the needed means to maintain good health.

The team of researchers, scientists and formulators works painstakingly in world-class facilities to create and test each and every bit of the Nature’s Own products to ensure utmost quality. Whenever you’re in doubt about a certain supplement, and whether it’s good for you or not, you can check out their website and find out all the info you need to become body smart. After all, this is the main goal of the brand!

Since their practices are deeply rooted in nature, as already mentioned, it’s understandable they have a commitment to sustainability. Throughout the years, they worked on creating the most eco-friendly supplements possible, paying attention not only to the choice they make of the ingredient sources, but also how they manufacture and sell. As of this year, they count on 100% hybrid sales cars, and keep up with being eco-aware by investing in solar panels, water-efficiency, and biodiversity plans.

Nature’s Own, Australia’s Beloved Supplement Brand

Get to Know Their Products

Impressing with the number of products, Australia’s Nature’s Own can truly be your number one supplement supplier. No matter which aspect of health you’re working on, whether it’s boosting your energy levels and cognitive function, or strengthening your immunity and bones, they have all the right nutrients. If you feel overwhelmed by the number of choices, simply get their assistance with the “Help me choose” section by answering some questions. Based on your age, specific dietary requirements, and gender, you can choose from their:

Well-Being and Immunity Range

For optimal well-being and improved quality of life, there are various products you can choose from, such as their many multi-vitamins. Depending on your age and gender, you can choose from formulas created to target your exact areas of concern. From their specialised multi-vitamins for kids, and teenagers, to adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and the elderly, they leave nothing to chance.

There are also those formulas that are created for targeting specific issues that affect ladies and gents. One example would be cystitis which is a UTI that affects 50-60% of women at some point in their life, as opposed to prostate issues which are more common in men aged 50 and above. The brand offers help for both concerns with the High Strength Cranberry 50,000 and Saw Palmetto respectively.

Well-Being and Immunity Range

As for immunity, they have a variety of separate vitamins you can boost your diet with, be it vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, or herbs like echinacea, to keep colds and flu at the curb. In case you’re having trouble with stress-related burnout, or want to take care of your heart and eye health, Nature’s Own Fish Oil is a nice option because it’s got naturally-derived Omega-3 fatty acids. For bone health, their mixes of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are great for increasing bone strength and maintaining healthy muscle function.

Energy Range

Lately, we’ve all more or less adopted sedentary lifestyles, especially now that many are working from home. Sitting hours and hours on end never did a favour to anyone, more so when it comes to being active and feeling energetic. If this is your case, and you feel like you could use some help, then the brand’s Focus and Perform is what you need. Besides improving your memory, supporting energy production, and relieving tiredness, it can have a positive effect on calming the nerves.

Sleep Range

According to the Philips Global Sleep Survey conducted in 2019, eight in ten adults worldwide struggle with having quality sleep. Perhaps you’re among these individuals, suffering from insomnia, or you’re not getting enough hours of sleep per night, thinking there’s no way you could ever wake up and feel rested. Worry not, this brand has various sleep formulas, like Natures Own Sleep Ezy containing valerian, that can help you fall asleep in a short matter of time.

Other products you can choose include the Complete Sleep and Complete Sleep Advanced that contain the traditional Chinese medicinal herb Ziziphus. As such, they’re effective with promoting deep sleep and relieving a restless night. Be sure to keep up with the recommended dose for best results, and in case of doubt, ask your doctor for insight.