5 Simple Ways to Look and Feel Younger


Looking and feeling young are two main things that everyone desires. Having a younger and beautiful look can help to boost your self-esteem and confidence. If you want to turn back the hands of time and look younger than your real age, you should start early. After all, your diet and lifestyle will affect how you look. However, if you have early wrinkles or the sun has damaged your skin, making it look older, you may wonder how you can restore your soft face and look young again.

Several factors contribute to the aging process, and there’s no one-fits-all solution to reversing your biological aging clock. Fortunately, you can easily look and feel younger by making simple adjustments. Continue reading to find out how you can achieve your goal.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun

Exposing your skin to the sun for a long time can cause collagen loss and damage your skin. In fact, if your skin looks aged, most likely it’s because of sun exposure. Therefore, it’s important to avoid sun exposure, especially during high-intensity hours. You can limit your skin exposure to the sun by using skincare lotions and wearing protective clothing. Ideally, long pants and long-sleeved shirts can help to protect your skin. In addition, you should consider wearing lightweight clothes during sunny days. Remember to also use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and above.

Get ample sleep

You’ve most likely heard that you should sleep for about eight hours a day, but have you ever thought about the quality of your sleep? A good night’s sleep won’t only help you feel well-rested but also enhance your attention, memory, and concentration. Sleep also helps to protect your skin. Because the skin is the largest organ, it is busy during the day protecting the rest of your body from toxins and other elements like the sun. Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep helps your skin repair and rebuild by replacing damaged cells.

Snuggle up with your partner

Snuggling and being intimate with your partner has numerous benefits. In fact, it has been proven that sex can help make you look seven years younger. Just like sleep, sex helps you release the human growth hormone, which helps keep your skin healthy.

Here are two other ways sex can make you look younger:

  • Sex improves blood circulation and boosts your immune system, which can make your skin glow.
  • Sex balances hormonal levels in your body, reducing the probability of hormonal acne from appearing.

While there are many reasons why you may not want to have sex, including discomfort, feeling tired, pain, or it simply doesn’t feel pleasurable, there are different ways you can transform your sex life. A straightforward way to improve your sex life is to use CBD personal lubricant. Lube is a great bedroom enhancer that can make sex slicker, long-lasting, and more enjoyable.

Exercise more

As you get older, your joints will get stiffer, and you’ll feel less inclined to remain active. However, if you want to maintain your youthful agility and suffer less immobility and joint pains, then you should exercise more often. Exercising more will increase your body density and increase blood flow, which is good for your skin, brain, and cardiovascular system. Aside from exercising, regular medical check-ups are also important. A visit to a dentist to have your teeth whitened can enhance your appearance and make you look younger. Regular teeth whitening will not suffice though if you have fluorosis. However, you can still whiten teeth with dental veneers in Lancaster.

Clean your skin and apply moisturizer

One of the simplest ways to care for your skin is to clean it. Doing this helps clear dirt and harmful bacteria and removes any products you may have applied during the day. When beauty products are left on the skin, they can quickly cause wrinkles and blemishes.  When cleaning your skin, ensure that you use warm water instead of hot water to prevent your skin from drying up. Remember to also apply moisturizer after cleansing your skin. This will help to protect your skin from drying up, especially during the cold weather. 

Does the person staring back at you in the mirror look older? Are there wrinkles on your face? Don’t panic. While you may not be able to turn back time, you can implement the above tips to help you look and feel younger.