We are amidst a global pandemic and let’s admit it, it has made us all bedridden. We are so consumed by the new work-from-home work model that now it’s impacting our physical health. But that’s not all. The lack of intent is also a major contributor to your unfit body Also, it is important to pay attention to the health of your skin. For having healthier skin you can use some hydroxy acid and for finding them you can go here.

You have no more excuses blaming long office hours or commuting. If you want to be fit, you just need to be committed to it. As the saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

To help you get going with your new year’s resolution of being fit, I have enlisted some amazing ways below. All you have to do is: squeeze it into your daily routine.

  1. Create a proper exercise routine

A customized fitness training program should be your starting-point of being fit. Begin with creating a schedule and make sure you stick to it. Commitment is essential if you want to be fit while working from home.

An ideal exercise routine consists of 5-6 of your favorite exercises along with some challenging ones to help maximize the benefits. Each exercise should be done for at least 60-90 seconds followed by a 20-30 second break. Don’t forget to repeat each set at least 3 times.

You can also invest in home gym equipment Australia for a better workout experience. Gyms and fitness studios now have live classes for people to enjoy at-home workout routines.

You can also install fitness apps on your smartphone. They are an amazing way to help you stick to the routine as most apps need paid-membership. These paid memberships give you a sense of accountability as you feel that you are wasting your money if you don’t follow the schedule diligently. In addition to it, these fitness apps give daily reminders for workout sessions.

  1. Walk. Walk. & Walk.

Walking is the best workout to help burn fat. If you are not used to extensive workouts and exercises, you must start walking.

Working from home has made you lose the incidental exercise which one gets on daily commute. Walking can help you get back in motion.

Plus, it also allows you to reestablish your connection with nature. If the government’s regulations are eased, start with a walk in your neighborhood, and later you can shift to the nearby park. But if the restrictions are still the same, just plug in your earphones, play your favorite songs and start walking around the house.

  1. Participate in household chores

If you have a house-help at home, there’s a high chance you hardly ever participate in your household chores. Well, you will be surprised to know the massive number of calories that can be burnt while doing these household chores. Vacuum cleaning, scrubbing, arranging your wardrobe, and similar chores are actually full-body workouts.

Stop procrastinating and start doing these household chores all by yourself. Not only will it help you get fit but also allow you to finish your household chores. Not to mention, save some extra cash by not employing a house help! 😉

  1. Keep your windows open

Staying at home prevents your body from getting exposed to a sufficient amount of sunshine. A daily dose of Vitamin D that you get from the sunshine is a must as it helps your body absorb calcium and builds strong bones.

If you do not have access to any outdoor space or neighborhood then make sure that you keep your blinds, curtains, and windows open for as much time possible.

  1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Experts say that our body is 80% of what we eat and the rest 20% of what we do. While this pandemic and all the stay-at-home norms has got us all craving for junk food, home-made still remains the winner. It is not only delicious but also keeps you physically fit.

A proper balanced diet is essential in boosting your immune system. Don’t miss your meals and make sure you add fruits/vegetables to your daily diet. You can also visit a dietician or even seek online consultation.

On to you…

Now that you are aware of the top 5 ways by which you can stay fit at home, there’s no room for excuses. Remember, if you are committed to being fit, nothing can stop you from achieving it, not even a pandemic. All the best!