5 Tips for Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter thefts have increased exponentially over the past few years. The precious metals in these car parts are worth a lot of money, and thieves are ready to take the risk.

Are you worried about catalytic converter theft?

While there’s no real way to prevent theft 100%, we have a few tips that can help. Read on to learn more.

1. Park in Well-Lit Areas

If you can, try to make sure you’re always parking your car in a well-lit area if it’s not in a secure place like a private garage. Lights won’t necessarily deter thieves, but it’s far riskier to steal vehicle parts if the car can be seen clearly by bystanders.

If you don’t have a well-lit area to store your car, try installing lights if you can. If you rent, consider bringing up the rise in vehicle part theft to your landlord. They may choose to install motion lights or normal lights on their own. After all, no one wants thieves on their property.

2. Install Cameras

Cameras won’t deter determined thieves, but they may help sway some people. Even if they don’t prevent someone from stealing your car parts, they can help you catch the culprits.

Again, if it’s your property, install your own cameras somewhere near your car. Subtle cameras are more likely to catch criminals but obvious cameras are more likely to deter them.

If you rent, ask your landlord if they’d be willing to install cameras. If not, consider fake cameras for deterrent purposes.

3. Use an Anti-Theft Device

Did you know you can get anti-theft devices for catalytic converters? They’re cages or shields that protect the catalytic converter from harm. They’re not impossible to remove, but they may make your car less appealing to thieves.

You can have a mechanic weld one of these devices to your car.

4. Paint the Catalytic Converter

People steal catalytic converters to sell them. Find more information here. If you make your catalytic converter hard to sell, people will be less likely to steal it (and if they do, you can be satisfied that they aren’t benefiting from it).

Use a high-temperature fluorescent orange paint to color the catalytic converter. You can then put your vehicle identification number on the painted surface. No reputable dealer will buy it.

5. Know If You’re a Prime Target

Not everyone is a good target for catalytic converter theft. Low-emission cars, trucks, and SUVs are prime targets because they have more valuable catalytic converters, and they’re easier to access.

It may benefit you to contact a local mechanic to ask what cars seem to be targeted in your area. If yours is one of them, use extra caution.

Catalytic Converter Theft Is More Common Than Ever

There’s nothing you can do to completely prevent catalytic converter theft, but these tips make you a less likely target. Park in a well-lit area, set up a camera, know if you’re a prime target, install an anti-theft device, and consider painting your catalytic converter.

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