Using massage as an effective technique for improving the quality of sleep

Using massage as an effective technique for improving the quality of sleep

Insomnia is a common problem for residents of megacities. It can occur in people of different ages, starting from preschool age. Prolonged inability to fall asleep leads to irritability, distracted attention, decreased brain activity, memory impairment, headaches, daytime drowsiness, impaired metabolic processes, and weakened health.

Most vividly in adults, the consequences of lack of sleep are reflected in appearance and performance; in schoolchildren – on academic performance and a feeling of constant fatigue, sometimes increased tearfulness or aggressiveness is manifested; kids become sluggish, capricious, disobedient, can throw tantrums over trifles.

How to treat insomnia with massage, baths, and spa procedures?

Massage is an effective remedy for many ailments. Most techniques directly or indirectly affect sleep. Massage should be done in courses or constantly 1-2 times a week. As stated before, residents of large cities are most prone to insomnia problems, but it is the big cities that offer the best solutions7. For instance, in Dubai, an outstanding massage salon Armonia SPA with various massage treatments can be found.

A visit to a traditional bath has an exceptionally beneficial effect on sleep. The main advantage of the bath is that people who are prohibited from thermal procedures can also heal the body and treat insomnia in the bath. To do this, it is enough to heat, steam the broom in hot water, and cool the room to an acceptable temperature. Then just wash yourself in useful infusions. Conifers and oak, from which classical baths are cut, emit useful substances into the air. They relax and relieve fatigue and stress.

The baths of the wellness complexes offer special massages and relaxing treatments.

SPA treatments regularly (1-2 times a week) perfectly relax and restore healthy sleep. A highly experienced SPA professional can offer an individual program as well as the best spa for couples Dubai in case you would like to diversify your vacation while being there.

What types of massage are useful for insomnia

The following types of massage have the greatest relaxing and calming effect.

General massage

Relaxes, relieves tension from the whole body, and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Thai oil massage

Creates a deep relaxing effect, removes depression, distracts from negative thoughts, and relieves fatigue.

Massage of the cervical collar zone, chest, head

These massages can be performed together or alternated. In combination, they perfectly remove pain and congestion in the neck and shoulder girdle, which inevitably accompany office employees, drivers, beauty industry workers, and other representatives of sedentary professions. After the session, relief immediately comes, and the blood supply to the brain increases. The procedure promotes fast falling asleep and a strong, healthy sleep.

Back massage combined with head massage

It is necessary for people of sedentary specialties and workers of physical labor. Relaxes a tense back, relieves pain, relieves emotional tension, and normalizes sleep. In the morning, a person feels refreshed and refreshed.

Foot and palm massage combined with head massage

The impact on biologically active points on the feet and palms helps to influence the state of the whole organism and the psycho-emotional state. Before the procedure, it is useful to make a foot bath with alder cones or hops (for problems with the lower back and genitourinary system with pine or spruce cones), a hand bath with oils (patchouli, avocado, roses, jojoba). After the procedure, drink herbal tea.


It is suitable for people who are prohibited from manual interventions in the head and neck area (for example, for diseases of the thyroid gland). Working on certain points helps to relieve tension, improve breathing, calm down, and adjust to sound sleep.


The effectiveness of self-massage is significantly lower than the effectiveness of professional procedures, however, if it is not possible to get professional help, self-massage of the feet and palms after warm baths, as well as self-massage of the neck and head with hand massagers can ease the condition and help you fall asleep. Before manipulations, it is worth taking a hot shower or a bath. After that, drink herbal or berry tea.