5 Benefits of Aromatherapy in the Home and Office


Over sixty percent of Americans report high levels of work-related stress. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a simple, unobtrusive way for your office to help employees deal with that stress before they suffer burnout?

Aromatherapy offers just that. By introducing the right scents to your environment, you can cut down on stress and anxiety in your home and office—and that’s only one potential benefit of aromatherapy!

If you want to know what else this type of therapy can do for you, keep reading; this article will cover five of the biggest benefits of aromatherapy.

1. Stress Relief

One of the main benefits of aromatherapy is that it can relieve stress.

Lavender essential oil is often used for stress relief; the scent can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, helping you feel calmer.

This relaxation technique is particularly useful in an office environment. Everyone gets stressed out at work sometimes. Aromatherapy can help all of the staff calm down at the same time.

2. Improved Focus

Essential oils like rosemary and sage can help sharpen your focus. If employees are having trouble staying on task, the use of some subtle aromatherapy might make them a bit more productive.

If you really want to use aromatherapy to help your workforce, you can even have a custom scent designed for your business—click here to learn more.

These scents can help you if you work from home, too. Remote work is full of potential distractions, but setting up some focus-boosting scents in your home office will help you power through your workday!

3. Better Sleep

A poor night’s sleep can have a tremendous negative impact on your day. You’ll be tired, unfocused, and more prone to making mistakes. Luckily, aromatherapy can help you regulate your sleep to avoid those issues.

We’ve already mentioned the calming effects of lavender oil; those same soothing properties can help you sleep better. Using lavender oil in a cold fusion diffuser can result in more restful sleep.

4. Less Pain

Spa therapy is a popular way to treat not just stress, but also physical aches and pains. Aromatherapy is a part of that.

Lemon oil, eucalyptus, and more have been used to treat physical pain.

These oils are usually massaged into the patient. The combination of the oil and the physical massage can help relieve all sorts of pains. Aromatherapy can even reduce pain from needle injections and other minor injuries.

5. Enhanced Mood

Aromatherapy is an all-around mood booster.

Scents like peppermint and lemon perk up your senses, giving you extra energy and generally improving your current mood. Other scents can also help with mood enhancement. 

Aromatherapy for Your Home and Office

You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed in your home and office. Aromatherapy can help with that.

Essential oils can help you deal with stress, improve your focus, and even get a better night’s sleep!

All of that will help your mental wellness, but how can you stay physically fit? Visit our health blog for dieting tips, exercise routines, and more ways to keep yourself healthy in body and mind!