4 Essential Boxes essential for everyday life

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When a button on your clothes falls off, when you have a sudden stomachache, when you are concerned about the dust on your shoes, or when you want to frame your house. What do these situations we encounter in our daily life have in common? All you need is the right tool. Bracelet, first aid kit, shoe care kit, tool set. Here are four boxes that are helpful even for busy singles to pack in advance.

Sewing Box

Sewing Box

There are various shapes and types of banjang rings, ranging from square, polygonal, and round colander shapes. Small partitions are made inside the ring to store small items such as needles, buttons, and pins. Most of the box rings used around the 1800s were in the form of a box made of wood and then wrapped in paper. Since the 1900s, wooden boxes have been used, and the main materials are paulownia wood, jujube wood, and maple wood. Thread, needle, thimble, side scissors, cloth scissors, ruler, cloth, etc.
TIP! If you put subsidiary materials such as yarn, knitting needles, chalks and zippers in a half-hook, it can be used in an emergency.

First Aid Kit

First Aid box
First aid bag and first aid supplies for emergencies and use at home or out with family

The first aid kit is used to provide urgent first aid or to contain medicines needed to treat mild symptoms. It is also a must-have item for home, school, and work. A commonly used household first aid kit consists of sanitary disinfection, first aid, dressing, and bandaging supplies. Sterile wipes, alcohol swabs, trauma ointment, and anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment are hygiene disinfectants. First aid supplies consist of an ice pack, tweezers, emergency scissors, and a band-aid. Dressing products include products that protect the wound area, such as gauze and elastic bandages, while Vendage includes various bandages and bandages.
TIP! Even if you have all the first aid kits, it is necessary to organize the contents once every 6 months. Keeping the expiration date well is also a safe way to use it.

Shoe Care kit

Show care kit

To properly store expensive shoes, it is essential to have a shoe care kit. Care methods and products vary depending on the type and material of the shoe, so it is important to know exactly what shoes you have. The basic care products included in the shoe care kit are a shoe brush, shoe cream and wax, and a shoehorn. In particular, in the case of brushes, it is recommended to prepare several types and use them according to the purpose and color. The process of putting the shoe tree inside the shoe after taking off the shoe to properly shape it is also important. It is recommended to keep the shoe care kit out of direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated place.

Tools Box

4 Essential Boxes essential for everyday life

It is better to keep the tool box with essential products when you need to do large or small works at home. Saws, drills and screwdrivers, spanners and wrenches, pliers, cutters and sockets, hammers, and more. Nuts and bolts, screws and tape measure, chokes and work gloves are also tools you need to bring. A leather apron and a cotton mask are also necessary, as foreign objects may splash on the body or face while using the tool and cause injury. Metal tools are easy to rust when stored with foreign substances or when wet.