4 Types of Well Pump Repair Services in Indiana


Are you planning to dig a well on your property or in need of a replacement?

Unless you’re a trained technician, fixing your well pump is something you should leave to a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to electrical wiring safety hazards. You can also run into problems with city code violations if installed improperly.

Using professional installers and maintenance technicians make wells far easier to service. This convenience cuts repair costs and safety hazards dramatically.

Here are four well pump repair services all well owners should use.

1. Emergency Services

Similar to typical household plumbing, you need access to emergency well pump services. This service type prevents further bacterial contamination from buildup issues and risks of electrical injuries.

Keeping up with your annual maintenance checklist cuts down on the need for any emergency services. However, it’s critical to call a professional if you notice a change in your drinking water’s color and taste.

2. Well Cleaning and Removal

What you’re likely seeing in your water is buildup from backyard sediment or sand. Of course, you should always check with a technician before diagnosing the problem. This problem also speaks to the importance of getting regular professional well cleanings.

Buildup happens to submersible wells that haven’t been cleaned in a while. Trained technicians are able to safely remove the pump, remove all debris, improving your well’s water flow.

Years of debris, corrosion, and unfavorable weather can also do a number on your well pump. Your pump may get stuck in the well, making it impossible to remove by hand. For this problem, you’ll need a retrieval and hoist service to remove your pump.

3. Is There An Abandoned Well On Your Property?

Did you purchase an old property hoping for a real, working well?

You’ll want to remove the old well and pump system as soon as possible. Old wells can affect the quality of your groundwater. You’ll need a company that offers some kind of abandonment service; this service is also known as well decommissioning.

Of course, you can always get a brand new well and pump installed! The old site will likely need additional preparation. Plus, your technician may identify a better place on your property for a well.

You would need a new construction service to build your well from the ground up. Fortunately, this service includes everything you need, including the right plumbing, access doors, and water service solutions. This goes for both residential and commercial properties.

4. More Well Pump Repair Services to Explore

One reason why property owners install wells is to have an alternative water source. You may have to do this if you live too remote and don’t have access to the local water supply. However, if this changes, call a technician to connect your well.

This service is called a city water hookup service. See if your local well pump company has a similar service if your city’s water supply is now available to your property.

Enjoy Well Water on Your Own Property

Proper installation and maintenance are essential for all private well owners. Keep these tips handy and research more advice as you learn more about well pump repair. 

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