4 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Chest

tape your boobs

As the weather got warmer, the clothes became lighter. Women sometimes wear silicone nude bras to prevent their underwear from being exposed outside of fine clothing. As the season of exposure comes, women are bound to pay more attention to breast care. But is there any wrong part of these management methods?

Actresses put adhesive tape on their chests because they wear dresses with a lot of exposure when walking on the red carpet at the awards ceremony. However, dermatologists point out that this is a method that should not be done when considering skin health. Dermatologists mentioned the things to refrain from doing for breast beauty through Health in the US Health Magazine.

◆ Attaching adhesive tapes = Actresses use a variety of tapes, from packaging tapes to strong adhesive tapes, to closely attach the award ceremony dress to the chest. Tape your boobs, Although it is a one-time action, such a single action can cause severe skin problems.

The skin is irritated, causing a rash. Nipples are particularly sensitive areas of the skin, so they need more attention. Anyone who has an allergic reaction to the adhesive should be cautious because eczema may occur whenever the adhesive tape is used in the future.

Getting Botox = There are people who get’Bretox’, a botox for the chest. Breathtox is a procedure that injects Botox into the chest muscles to make the chest feel more bulging. The principle is that the pectoral muscles are paralyzed and the back muscles are tightened so that the chest rises upward.

However, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery points out that such a procedure is difficult to produce a practical effect. It couldn’t lift the sagging and sagging chest skin. In addition, he warns that fillers that are injected to remove wrinkles should not be put in the chest. This is why safety has not yet been proven.

Waxing the chest= There are people who wax it to remove the hair around the nipples. However, if the hair is pulled incorrectly, it may dig deeper into the flesh or cause inflammation. Electrolysis, which destroys the hair roots with electricity, is also difficult to see as a good method in that it can leave scars.

You can sometimes remove my hair with tweezers, but if you have a lot of hair, it’s better to have a laser treatment for convenience. If you don’t mind too much, you can either leave it alone or cut it off with small scissors.

◆ Running wearing a yoga bra = The bra worn when doing yoga has a shape that makes it easy to take a dynamic posture. However, it is not suitable for running. This is because the yoga bra does not have the ability to sufficiently support the shaking chest when running.

Running wearing a bra that doesn’t support the chest properly can damage the connective tissues of the chest and cause a larger sagging. According to a previous study by the University of Portsmouth in the UK, when running, the chest can swing up to 20 cm high. As your chest moves violently, you must wear a jogging bra that holds your chest firmly. Take a look online to find the best bra for your running sessions, there are many sites like EBY where you can get proper underwear for exercise.