This Is the Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

    Hair removal cosmetology procedure from a therapist at cosmetic beauty spa clinic. Laser epilation and cosmetology.

    Laser hair removal might seem like a costly investment, but did you know it can actually be more cost-effective than traditional hair removal techniques? Women spend up to $23,000 in their lifetime removing hair using razors and waxing.

    We all recognize the time-saving convenience of laser hair removal, shaving hours off each month that can be spent removing those unwanted body hairs. Laser hair removal might not be as expensive as you think.

    Keep reading below to learn more about the average cost of laser hair removal.

    Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal prices will vary based on your service provider, location, and amount of body hair being targeted. It is important to note that most body areas will require several treatments to remove hair. On average removing body hair from the bikini area, legs, back, face, arms or other regions will take 4-8 treatments.

    The smaller the region being treated, the lower the cost and time. For example, each arm treatment might only be $350 but each leg treatment can start at $600. The average cost of laser hair removal in the United States is $400 with a typical range of $200-$1000 a treatment. 

    Most laser hair removal prices will go down when purchased as a package. Since everyone needs multiple treatments to effectively diminish the hair, it is best to buy a package since you will definitely be needing multiple treatments to prevent the hair from regrowth. How many treatments you’ll need is best discussed with your technician.

    Hair Removal Financing Options

    Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it is generally not covered by insurance. There still are many options available to make laser hair removal prices more attainable. It might be a steep cost to pay all at once but can save you plenty of money in your lifetime. 

    To permanently (although some hair may reappear) remove hair, you will need 4-8 treatments ranging from $200-$1000 which adds up to anywhere from $800-$8000. While that is a lot to pay at once, it is much less than $23,000. 

    Almost all laser hair removal centers accept credit cards, allowing you to make your payments over time. Some centers also offer specialized financing to pay for your treatments in monthly increments like a credit card. Another option to reduce costs is to look into the payment reduction for multi-treatment packages.

    A final option to get the best price is to look into holiday, summer and Groupon deals which many locations provide.

    Remove Those Unwanted Hairs

    Removing hair with razors, tweezers, and waxes can be messy, inefficient and a huge time suck. Not to mention, you might actually spend more in your life committing to these processes. 

    The average cost of laser hair removal outweighs the time and money cost of traditional techniques. It might be worth looking into your local dermatologist’s office or laser center to find out which treatment is best for you!

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