Why does mold keep recurring after you remove it? Many people wonder what could be the cause of this in their homes and offices. When mold recurs, it is a nuisance in a situation where you have done everything to eliminate it. Also, continuous exposure to mold every time due to its reoccurrence can cause various allergic reactions such as sniffling, sneezing, and watery eyes. Plus, since people react differently, others can get severe reactions like difficulty in breathing and asthma attacks. Hence, when you have such mold issues, it is best to find the root cause of the problem to ensure you do not have recurring mold again and again. Contact the mold inspection New York specialists so that they can help you to understand the mold issue better. Here are 4 reasons mold keeps coming back after remediation.

  1. Using mold-resistant paint on existing paint 

4 Reasons You Always Have a Recurring Mold Problem

Most people, when they discover that they have mold in their homes, they try to cover it up with mold-resistant paint. Unfortunately, this does not solve any problem as the root problem of the mold is not sort out. So, if your old walls have mold, avoid using the quick fix to solve the problem as it will not get rid of the mold completely. This is because the mold spores that are underneath the paint will continue growing, and with time they will be visible. Because of this, you make it difficult to remove the existing mold, and it will cost you eventually as you do your remodeling project because you need to eliminate the entire mold on your walls.

  1. Not drying items completely 

4 Reasons You Always Have a Recurring Mold Problem

When you have items in your house that are affected by mold, it is best to throw them away and not keep them to clean them later. Since they create a source of mold, and it can spread around your home. Also, when you clean your mats, carpets, or clothing, do not return them in the house when they are not completely dry, for they will create a breeding environment for mold. Wet items around the house, whether it is in the bedroom, living room, or the kitchen, will only make it hard to eradicate mold and cause them to recur now and then. To control the spread of mold, ensure that you dry your mats, carpets, and clothes completely under the sun before you return them inside.


  1. Using bleaching products  


Many people believe that when you use bleach products, it kills mold completely. This myth is the reason that mold keeps on recurring after removing it and it never gets rid of mold, but it helps only in changing the color of the mold. So it does not eliminate the problem, and when you use the bleach products, you not only inhale the bleach perfumes, but you ingest the airborne mold spores as well in the process. Thus, if you do not have the right products for mold removal, it is best to contact a mold removal specialist to assist with your mold issues, or it will keep on recurring.


  1. Leaky pipes and poor ventilation 

4 Reasons You Always Have a Recurring Mold Problem

Mold thrives best in wet areas with poor ventilation. When you have leaky pipes, mold spores find a perfect environment to grow. Therefore, moisture is one of the conditions that are necessary for mold to grow. If you fail to cut off the source of this moisture, you will always have recurring mold issues. For this reason, even if you remove the mold, but you still have leaky pipes, it will only work by creating room for new mold since everything promoting its growth is present. A stuffy room with poor ventilation will also increase the growth of mold.


To conclude, there are many reasons why mold keeps on recurring after removal. When a favorable condition for mold is still present, they will keep on growing and, in this case, recurring. So, ensure you monitor the moisture levels in your home and have good ventilation. Plus, if you have an issue of mold recurring, always seek the help of professionals as they can always point out the source of the problem.