Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you know there were 55.4 million injuries and 200,955 preventable deaths in the U.S. in 2020? 

If you’re injured in an accident, who should you call? You likely know you should contact a personal injury attorney if you’re injured in a car accident. The injury could leave you with injuries requiring an extended period off work, extensive and expensive physiotherapy treatments, possible surgery, and a lower quality of life if you’re left with long-term injuries. 

You’ll want a personal injury lawyer to help you get compensation, explain and help you through the process, and go head-to-head with insurance companies that try to play hardball.

Going it alone after an injury isn’t an option. But how do you know it might be time to get on the phone and call one? Here are four such reasons.

  1. Car Accident

Did you know 4.4 million people are injured in crashes on U.S. roadways each year to the extent that they require medical attention? If you’re in an accident, whether as the driver or passenger, you need to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Are you okay with paying for any treatment you may need out of pocket? Do you have the resources to stay afloat if you need to take time off work? A personal injury attorney will let you know if you have a case, build the strongest case possible to get you the compensation you deserve, and fight for your rights. Working with insurance companies can be difficult. But a personal injury lawyer will be up to the task.

  1. Workplace Accident

When it comes to workplace injuries in 2021, there were 4.26 million medically consulted injuries. Common types of workplace injuries include fire and explosions, overexertion and repetitive stress, trips and falls, vehicle-related mishaps, and being hit or caught by moving machinery. No one should have to worry about getting injured when they go to work every day. But accidents do occur. If you get injured on the job, you’ll want to get the compensation you deserve. A personal injury lawyer will find out all the facts behind the incident, ensure you know your options, and work on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome

  1. Medical Malpractice

Malpractice cases in the U.S. usually involve failure to diagnose, surgical errors, improper treatment, or an adverse reaction to a medication. If you ever face the above situations, you can launch a medical malpractice case. But you must consult a personal injury lawyer to determine your options. That’s where experience comes into the picture. It’s difficult to prove medical malpractice, but an experienced personal injury lawyer will have the knowledge and skills to build the strongest case possible.

  1. Slip and Fall Accident

Every year, 3 million older adults are sent to hospitals due to falls. And 800,000+ people are hospitalized annually due to fall injuries — and most of those injuries involve hip fractures or head injuries. You’ll want a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the arduous process of filing a claim and getting compensation. A slip, trip, or fall incident will require therapy and time off work. So, you’ll need compensation for medical care and lost wages. Dealing with an injury is hard enough. But paying for everything out of pocket will worsen an already bad situation. 

It’s essential that you get the help you need if you face any of the abovementioned situations. You’ll be under enough stress if you experience a personal injury. But hiring the right personal injury lawyer can help you obtain any compensation you deserve. That way, you’ll be able to get whatever care you need to hopefully make a full recovery.