DIY Clay Pot

Don’t you like Christmas crafts? There is something so much fun in creating holiday decorations. I always try to do a few different DIY Christmas decorations every year so I have to find something new every year. This year, I found an amazing list of 20 DIY Christmas decorations that you can make with terracotta pots. This clay pot decoration is so lovely and so easy. You will want to add it to your list of Christmas crafts this year.


From adorable reindeer to penguins and even Jolly Old St. Nick, you’ll find a lot of fun things to make with those clay pots. Clay pots are relatively inexpensive unless there are a few lies around the house, so none of these projects will cost you much. They are a beautiful and fun way to decorate and take very little time, so you can actually make all 20 of them up to the holiday. They are perfect for the indoor and outdoor decoration and make a great gift. And speaking of gifts, check out the 100 DIY Christmas Gifts People Really Want.

I am a big fan of Christmas crafts. From sewing and knitting to repurposed, I love creating new things for my holiday or for gifts or decorations.

If you’ll love these little terracotta pot decorations and want more DIY ideas, check out our DIY Clay pots Christmas decorations. They will go well with your new clay pot decor! These terracotta pot decorations can be made regardless of the size available, some of them require different sizes. Check out the dollar store for really cheap pots you can use.

1. DIY clay pot angel

DIY clay pot angel

This jar angel can be any size you want, just take one pot. You will need a round wooden ball, a clay pot, fabric for a scarf, Spanish moss for hair, and a few painting supplies. These are so lovely and will look great on the fireplace or sit on the porch. There is a whole family of little Christmas angels of different sizes decorating your home.

2. Lovely DIY Christmas Bells

Lovely DIY Christmas Bells

I love this little bell made from tiny terracotta pots. This is a great project for kids because it’s so simple. Paint the pot, hang it upside down with a ribbon and put wooden beads in the hooks. You can find small jars at any craft or hobby shop to decorate the tree, or you can make two large trees and hang them on your porch.

3. DIY Jar Christmas Candy Jar

DIY Jar Christmas Candy Jar

I love this little candy jar you made with jars and glass bowls. You can get all of these items at your local craft or hobby store, or check out the dollar store. You glue a wooden ball to the bottom of the pot to make a candy jar lid and the whole project is so lovely. These are full of candies and will be given as Christmas gifts.


4. DIY Jar Christmas Tree

DIY Jar Christmas Tree

The jar is the perfect shape for making Christmas tree decorations when turned upside down. These little crafts are stacked after the terracotta pots are painted green to make a really nice tree. You will need a clay pot of three sizes and can be held together with a hot glue gun. After stacking, use acrylic paint to decorate and complete your own DIY Christmas tree topper.

5. Terracotta Pot Reindeer

Terracotta Pot Reindeer

This DIY terra cotta pot reindeer can make a great gift or use it for your own Christmas decorations. You just paint your face on the pot to look like your favorite reindeer. . You can fill these with candy or small gifts, or place them in the house to decorate them.

6. Cute DIY Terra Cotta Pot Penguin

Cute DIY Terra Cotta Pot Penguin

These little penguins are easy to make and can make the entire Christmas village together. Pick a small terracotta pot, paint it with black and white paint, then add a painted ball over your head. They are really easy and so decorative for a holiday. You can do different sizes and have your own little festive penguin family.

7. DIY Clay Pot Snowman Light

Clay Pot Snowman Light

This clay pot snowman can be an outdoor light or an indoor candy dish. Turn the clay pot over and add a frosted glass bowl to make a face. If you use it for lighting, just add a tea light candle when you’re done decorating your snowman These are very easy, festive and make great gifts when they are done.

8. DIY frosty snowman candy plate

DIY frosty snowman candy plate

Here’s another adorable little snowman you make with a clay pot and he’s doubled with candy dishes. Decorate it with any color or design you like, then add a frosted glass bowl to your face and it will double as a candy holder. The wooden balls painted white make a nice little pompon for a hat that is also used as a handle on a candy dish. These are really easy and make the most adorable handmade Christmas gifts.

9. DIY stacked outdoor clay pot snowman

DIY stacked outdoor clay pot snowman

Large jars stacked on top of each other make a nice snowman on the porch. You need three sizes and they must fit together so that they can stick together. Then paint it white and add the face with acrylic paint. Make it wood and paint it black by adding a black pom or painted wooden ball to the button and bow and hat.

10. Lovely DIY Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

DIY Clay Pot Gingerbread Man

This clay pot gingerbread man is made from different size pots and he is very lovely. In fact, you can use plastic flower pots, especially for arms and legs. You assemble your little gingerbread man and then paint the details with acrylic paint. Adding a bow or ribbon and a candy cane is the most adorable Christmas decoration.

11. Decoupage Clay Pot Christmas Ornament

Decoupage Clay Pot Christmas Ornament

These clay pots are decorated with some of the most adorable Christmas kitty and are perfect to decorate around your home this holiday season. You can create your own deco page with mod podge and selected images. Then add the painted details and bow and you’re done. I found this on Etsy. It boasts a height of 4 and 0.5 inches and a height of 6 inches, and you can buy it for $20 if you don’t want to make it yourself.

12. Outdoor Clay Pot Nutcracker

Outdoor Clay Pot Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is my favorite Christmas story. Anyway, it’s one of them, and this DIY Nutcracker, which can be made from a larger clay pot, is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. So easy. You just need to stack two pots on the legs and add another pot to the body. You do the same for your head and hat. Then paint them all in the appropriate color and add decorations with gold paint and glitter. These will go so beautifully with other DIY outdoor Christmas decorations.

13. DIY Olaf Christmas Candy Jar

DIY Olaf Christmas Candy Jar

Olaf will bring joy to your home. Especially if you have children who are obsessed with freezing. This Olaf Christmas Candy Jar is easy to craft and looks very much like the character of your favorite Disney movie. To make Olaf, you’ll need a glass bowl and 2 small terracotta pots on your head. Add the hair and arms with a brown pipe cleaner, then add details using paint.

14. Whimsical DIY Clay Pot Santa Claus

Whimsical DIY Clay Pot Santa Claus

This little Santa Claus is almost so adorable and you can easily make him out of a small terracotta pot. I love the shiny paint and I use a white textured snow paste to get the snow effect. Styrofoam balls make a face, glue the pieces together, then add details for the face, hands and of course the cute red nose.

15. Clay Pot Santa Chimney Accident

Clay Pot Santa Chimney Accident

How adorable is this little Santa’s accident? Santa’s feet while going down the chimney. This is a very easy decoration. You will need a clay pot for the chimney and a styrofoam ball will work as your body. Legs can be made from a pipe cleaner or a red Christmas wreath. Honestly, this is one of the simplest yet detailed crafts on this list.

16. Santa Trouser Poinsettia Planter

Santa Trouser Poinsettia Planter

Of course, if you use a terracotta pot, you can always use it as a real flower pot. I love these Santa pants that are perfect to hold your Christmas poinsettia. Paint the two pots red and white, then add a belt to glue them together. This is one of the easiest clay pot Christmas projects I have found and also one of my favorites.

17. Christmas Trees Stacked in a Jar

Christmas Trees Stacked in a Jar

This stacked pot Christmas tree is easy to make and is perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. I think it is beautiful to have two trees on either side of the front door. Choose a large pot. For interior decoration, choose a smaller pot. When the green paint dries, you will need three sizes: jewelry, beads and decorations that can be attached to the tree. You can also add a real tree topper to a larger tree or create a smaller version.

18. Santa and Rudolph Shelf Sitter

Santa and Rudolph Shelf Sitter

This little shelf sheeter is very lovely and can be made into a small terracotta pot. Turn the pot upside down, put a ball of paint styrofoam on your head, then add a cord or rope to your leg and stick it to the wooden ball painted on your feet. They will sit right at your fireplace or table and bring joy to your home all season long. Elves can be placed anywhere on the shelf. There are many creative ways to decorate an elf on a shelf.

19. DIY Rustic Snowman Bucket Ornaments

DIY Rustic Snowman Bucket Ornaments

If you want to add a rustic touch to your Christmas decorations this year, a little snowman from a jar is a must. Not only are these easy to make, but they are very lovely and look like tiny little buckets. Insert the handle with a little wire and fill it with evergreens, holly berries, small pine cones, or anything else you want to decorate. They will hang right on the tree with a handle. These are perfect to pair with other DIY farmhouse-inspired Christmas decorations.

20. Lovely DIY Clay Pot Chu Chu

Lovely DIY Clay Pot Chu Chu

What is Christmas without the lovely Chu Chu train? I love this one made from terracotta pots. It’s so festive with candy wheels and ribbons. Except the wheels are made of terracotta pots, they make this on planters of various sizes! You can also add cars and fill them all with candy. How cute is it to be at the center of the dinner table or sitting at the fireplace? I love coal in the last two pots.

How To Make A Clay Pot

The basic equipment for how to make a clay pot is a potter’s wheel. You may also need a mortar and pestle. Once you have the right tools you can make these beautiful pots to give as gifts.

Start by about one pound (less than 25 grams) of clay in your pot. Slowly heat it up on the potter’s wheel until it is warm to touch. You don’t want your clay to be too hot because the clay will expand and this can deform your work. You don’t want your clay to be too cold because it can harden too much.

The trick to how to make a clay pot is to knead it a bit so that the clay has an even texture. Then you want to add the clay to a tumbler to cool it off before pouring it into the pot. This will make it easier to pour the clay into your mold and you can create a more round shape that will be easier to handle. Once the clay is cool, you can begin working with it.

The first thing you need to do is take the clay pot and flatten it out on a table. Then you can cut a hole in the top with a knife, about one-quarter inch from the edge. Then you can use a pin or fork to insert the clay through the hole.

Now you can draw the outline on the piece you are going to sculpt and place it onto the pin or fork. Be careful to smooth the outline out evenly and make sure it doesn’t look sloppy when you cut the shape out of the clay. This process can take you a few minutes but when you’re done you should have a perfectly formed clay pot.

So once you learn how to make a clay pot you will soon be able to use this tool to create amazing pieces of art. You can make these lovely clay pots to gift other people or even sell them if you choose to.

There are some great online sources for the best pot making tools, materials and tips. You can find all of the information you need to start pottery and make beautiful pieces of art. If you are interested in starting a new hobby then you can find all of the supplies you need at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a local store. Plus you will be able to browse all of the latest patterns and ideas.

You can learn all about making pots and clay online if you have time. There are many different types of clay and they all have their own unique characteristics. You can buy clay to use for your pottery but you can also buy the decorative items you need and even learn about using different clay products to create different effects.

Pottery is fun and you can make a great pot every day. You can even learn how to make a pot for your child to use if they want to learn how to pottery. They will love to work on their own art pieces and have fun learning from the comfort of their own home.