10 Reasons Why Essay Writing is Important for Students


There are several skills obtained from schools which students find useful with their further studying, and even jobs. Writing is one of them, and you cannot escape it, regardless of how hard you try. You will need to submit applications, create resumes, and, of course, fill out various blanks for requesting one or another service. If you believe, you will find for each – sample, you are deeply mistaken. 

Essay Writing Importance – Why Do You Need It?

Let’s start by saying that essay writing is not something difficult compared to other skills that can be mastered only with years. You can either learn it by recruiting your utmost willpower, or by signing up for courses where specialists in academic writing art share their advice. Beyond that, you can always rely on CustomWritings – professional essay service. With them, you can order samples of essays along with custom-written papers, and learn how they should be written. 

As for the 10 reasons which can persuade you that writing is a must-have skill of every modern person, they are the following.

#1 Writing Boosts Your Creativity

Whenever you write, you train your brain and develop many ideas among which one or more might be brilliant. It especially concerns your stage of writing when you are on the outline. You brainstorm arguments and develop the smooth flow of the context. Then, creativity by writing is achieved by your extraordinary research of evidence and facts.

#2 It Helps with Communication

You might agree that the more you write, the more chances for developing a great conversation with your professor or other students. For instance, by writing at least 5 arguments for one topic, you can extend the conversation around it, and initiate the negotiations. Further on, when you are hired, you understand how to present to your boss arguments to persuade him/her.

#3 Writing Builds Your Vocabulary

When you are assigned one or another essay, you reinvent the wheel in finding the best vocabulary to impress a professor. You create a stop-list of words that are too banal or do not fit academic context but research more complex terms to look smarter. Therefore, writing will help you to show your expertise in various themes.

#4 Writing Helps with Stress

Those students who have many assignments with calculations and practical work can greatly relieve their stress by writing. It does not necessarily concern essays but poems, blog posts that match their mood. You can make a habit of writing a diary-like in the good old times.

#5 Writing Is Linked to Critical Thinking or Problem Solving Skills

On most occasions, the best solutions come when you write all your hurdles or problems on paper. You write a challenge and build a list or plan of all the possible solutions to it. You can use a mind map or outlines again. Younger students will also learn how to deliver their arguments to parents when they need to persuade them.

#6 It Helps with Your Concentration

Believe us, concentration is a must both in studying and at work. How to boost it? Struggle a little bit, strange it may sound. Yes, if writing is not your cup of tea, you have to make yourself write for at least 1 month until it becomes your habit. By being glued to the chair and achieving your goals of writing essays, you signal your brain about the peak hours when you should not stand up but write, write and write. 

#7 You Improve Your Memory Retention

If your memory is not the best in terms of retention, you can help it by writing down all your ideas, and key plans. During the classes, you can make a habit of writing down the professor’s sayings, or when reading a book highlight quotes. It all trains your memory. Ideally, you should make a list of your desired-to-memorize words or grammatical structures.

#8 Writing Helps with “Yourself” Understanding

Yes, do not hurry up to neglect this reason because whenever you write essays or simple considerations on your days or weeks, you understand what you do the best, and where you need additional mastership. For instance, by regularly writing a diary, you learn what emotions you are linked to the most. Otherwise, you understand what stress points you should eliminate to become more productive and successful.

#9 Writing Helps with Business

Students signed up for internships or hired for jobs will surely be bound to writing to prove their expertise. It concerns researches, project work. Then, do not forget that you will anyway fill out an application form to be recruited. One single mistake in your purpose letter may greatly spoil the employer’s impression of you. Finally, you can write business plans that are an unavoidable part of every company.

#10 You Learn Objectivity

Essays are usually the pool for creativity and personal considerations on the topic. Yet, some types of assignments require unbiased opinions and objectivity. By writing such papers, you learn how to be precise in your sayings, and prove to others that one or another thing should be considered from another point of view without you being judged of negativity.

As was hinted above, you should not write it off as lost if writing is not your best skill. You can sign up for courses online. Then, you can join social media networks where other students discuss the art of writing and share their feedback on how to boost it all. Finally, you can speak to your professor about extra tasks. For instance, ask them if you can bring them some of your essays or even blog posts for a check-up. They will give you sincere feedback, and hint at your mistakes or absence of logical flow in the texts. You can also ask your friends or relatives for some kind of feedback, however, ensure they tell you the truth instead of rewarding you with positive comments to not just hurt you.