At work, with the various tasks assigned by managers and our salary obligations, we sometimes find ourselves quickly overwhelmed. This is the reason why in order to avoid being a potential subject to Burn Out or diseases such as tension, it is urgent to find ways to combat stress.

For you especially, we have concocted three simple methods to combat stress in your work environment. One good alternative to relieve you from stress is the infrared sauna blanket.

1- Make a list of things to do

To organize yourself, you need to write the most important tasks first and then the less important one next. Finally, last the tasks where you could delegate or postpone because they are not difficult and do not have a great impact in the company. This will go a long way in helping you structure and organize your days in the most efficient way possible.


2- Start your day with the most difficult activities

Start your day with what you like to do the least. A call to a supplier / customer, answering an unpleasant email, finalizing a complicated file, an appointment that you want to avoid, etc. You will thank yourself for having accomplished this task, you will be relieved and your day will be better.


3- Do some relaxation exercises

It is possible to practice some very simple relaxation exercises in just a few minutes. These exercises will allow you to relax, relax but also clear your mind.

– Try abdominal breathing (Take deep breaths with your mouth closed and breathe out through your nose)
– Try to rotate your joints
– Try to read a book that has nothing to do with your work