You’ve been putting so much time and effort into growing your Instagram account, but it seems like it’s just not getting noticed. What’s wrong?

Instagram may be the world’s biggest photo-sharing social media site, but there’s plenty of competition. Everyone wants to be Insta famous and it’s not always easy.

You might be thinking about giving your account some help by buying Instagram likes. This can be a cheap and easy way to help get more attention for your photos, but is it worth it?

Many people find it is, but that’s something only you can decide. To help make up your mind, keep reading to find ten factors to consider before buying Instagram likes.

1. Budget

When you start to think about improving your Instagram popularity by buying likes, first consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend and how many posts will you buy likes for?

Generally, the more likes you purchase, the more you’ll pay. However, if you buy more likes, it often comes out cheaper per like.

Keep in mind that if you can only spend a few dollars, you won’t get many likes. This means you may not see noticeable results to your account.

The good news though—likes are usually very inexpensive and you can often get hundreds for just a few dollars. It’s often cheaper to buy likes than it is to buy Instagram followers or comments.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to buying a lot of likes? In that case, start with these free trial likes to see if it’s right for you.

2. Payment Methods

When you’re buying likes, always check what payment method the company accepts. It’s not always convenient to pay by certain payment methods, so check what’s accepted and if the business can accept payment from international debit cards.

Payment methods not only matter due to convenience, but also due to security. If the likes company isn’t hosted on a secure website, this puts your credit card details at risk of being swiped by hackers or cybercriminals.

Make sure the merchant uses a secure payment platform. A two-factor authentication process can also help you stay safe online.

3. Where Are the Likes Coming From?

You need to know that not all likes are created equal! Before purchasing Instagram likes, check to see if the likes are coming from bots or genuine followers.

Bots are a type of software program that can like posts, but they aren’t real people. In comparison, genuine followers are real Instagram accounts, so this option will be better for your engagement.

Know that Instagram doesn’t like bots and can occasionally penalize companies for using them, so play it safe and make sure you know where your likes are coming from.

4. How Soon Will the Likes Appear?

If you’re buying likes, you probably want them right away! However, sometimes it’s better for your engagement to stagger your likes over several hours, rather than getting them all instantly.

This looks more authentic as it can seem off if a photo gets thousands of likes instantly, especially if it’s a small account.

So, before purchasing, always read the fine print to check when your likes will appear and when they’ll taper off.

5. Is the Company Legitimate?

Unfortunately, there are many scam companies eager to take advantage of Instagram users. Because so many people want to become Insta-famous, sham companies spring up and claim they’ll deliver you lots of likes, followers, and engagement.

However, in reality, these websites will take you money but won’t deliver any likes—essentially, ripping you off. These fly-by-night companies will appear and disappear, making it hard for you to file a complaint.

To avoid this, always do your research before selecting a business to buy likes from. Look for genuine online reviews or ask other Instagram users.

Remember—if a website is offering amazing offers that seem too good to be true, it probably is.

6. Is Your Account New?

If you’re just started a new Instagram account, you know how hard it is in the early days. It feels like it’s impossible to even get noticed, let alone get anyone to follow you!

For newer Instagram users, buying likes can be a good option, giving you a boost and kick-start to get noticed. This way, you can grow your account faster than waiting for people to notice you organically.

This is because the Instagram algorithm means you only see a limited number of posts when you log on, so buying likes can help you get around this.

However, what if you have a large account? In that case, you may or may not want to buy likes.

If your account already has great engagement, it might not be worth it, but if your photos aren’t getting much attention, then likes can help.

7. What Are Your Instagram Goals?

When deciding if buying Instagram likes is right for you, think about your goals. Why are you investing time and money in Instagram and what do you want to get out of it?

You might just want to share cool photos with friends and family. Or, you may want to monetize your account.

Instagram influencers can make serious money–if you have a million followers, you can command up to $250,000 per post when working with brands.

For those who want to make money off Instagram, brands will want to see genuine engagement, including likes. So, it can be helpful to buy likes if you want to be an influencer.

However, if you just want to use Instagram for fun, you may not need to buy likes.

8. Are You Already Posting Quality Content?

In the world of Instagram, you’re only as good as the quality of your content. So, before you invest in likes, ask yourself–are my photos and videos amazing and likely to appeal to my followers?

This should always be your first priority. Once you’re sure your posts and captions are amazing, then it’s fine to invest in likes—you can use them to boost your content.

However, if your content isn’t great, buying likes won’t help much, because people still won’t want to follow an account with poor content. Only post your best photos and videos and take the time to edit them—then, come up with great captions and use hashtags effectively to increase your reach.

9. Don’t Expect Buying Likes to Replace Genuine Instagram Engagement

Think of buying likes as icing on the cake. Yes, they are a great way to give your Instagram account a helpful boost from time to time, but know that they can’t replace genuine engagement.

By that we mean you can’t just buy likes and sit back and wait for your account to grow! The Instagram algorithm rewards users who interact with the site.

This means you should spend a few minutes each day liking posts from others, leaving thoughtful comments, and following accounts that you find interesting. By combining this with buying likes, you may find your account grows faster than it would otherwise.

10. Be Realistic

When deciding how many likes to buy, you don’t need to go overboard. For example, say you have an Instagram account with 500 followers, but you buy 10,000 likes—all for the same photo.

What are people going to think when they see that all of your photos have dozens of likes, but one has ten thousand? It’s not going to look genuine and your followers are going to assume you’re buying likes, which can lead to distrust.

It’s better for your likes to look organic. If you’re going to buy thousands of likes, split them across multiple photos so they’re more spread out.

Are Instagram Likes Right for You?

Who knew there was so much to consider before purchasing Instagram likes? After reading the above, think about it and decide if buying likes is right for your account and your goals.

If so, get started by doing some research and finding a reliable website with a reputation for delivering. Then, review their packages and decide how many likes are best for you.

With the help of plenty of Instagram engagement, buying likes can be just what you need to help your account get noticed! Start today and see what a difference it can make.

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