10 Epic Gifts to Get Your Parents This Year

Parents – what would we do without them? They say that only death and taxes are guaranteed in life, but you can add ‘parents saving the day’ to that list.

All across the world, moms and dads bring order and stability to an otherwise chaotic society. Whenever something goes wrong, they’re always ready to help; whether it’s emotionally or financially.

As an act of gratitude to your parents for all the hard work they’ve put in over the year, it’s only right that you treat them to an epic gift. No, not the usual bottle of wine for mom and a pair of socks for dad – something different; something truly epic and memorable.

Without further delay, let’s go through 10 gift ideas to get your parents this year. Whether you plan on buying them solo or as a shared gift with your siblings, you’re sure to love what’s on this list!

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1. Small boat

Here’s an ambitious (but still realistic) gift idea: get your parents a small boat.

With a boat, your parents will be able to take super relaxing trips on the sea; and will even be able to pull up at nearby beaches and have a nice refreshing beverage.

Or, if your parents are more low-key, they can use their boat to sail around local rivers. Some rivers even allow people to buy parking permits which provide them with a spot to park their boats and use as a staycation spot.

However, the best option for your parents will be to rent a reliable boat storage area. This way, they won’t need to keep their small boat stored away collecting dust in the garage. To learn more about boat storage spots, visit storagearea.com.

2. Smart speakers for their home

Are you parents still using a old dusty radio? If so, you should buy them some smart speakers.

Smart speakers can do so many amazing tasks – it will blow their minds. Here are just a few examples:

  • They can stream music, podcasts, and radio shows
  • They can function as virtual assistants (for example, you can ask them what the weather forecast is, and you’ll get an answer in seconds)
  • Lastly, smart speakers can remind you of important events you have coming up, such as dentist and doctor’s appointments

You’ll also be relieved to know that smart speakers are super affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to get one.

3. iPad

The iPad Air just recently released, and is a great gift idea for all the parents out there.

4. Vinyl car wrap

If your parents drive a car, you should book their beloved vehicle in for a vinyl wrap. Essentially, this is when the exterior of the car is wrapped in vinyl (or chrome) to add a slick and modern look. Check which garages in your town offer this service.

5. Backyard hot tub

Hot tubs are much more affordable these days.

6. Streaming subscriptions

It’s a wonderful gesture to pay for a streaming subscription for your parents. For example, you could surprise them with a year-long subscription to Netflix.

7. Family photo album

Spend a week secretly gathering your family’s classic photos together and put them into a magical photo album. It’s an emotional gift that your parents are guaranteed to love.

8. New smartphones

If your parents are using old smartphones, you could treat them to a pair of brand-new iPhones or Androids.

9. Luxury candle set

Check out these luxury candles.

10. Spa day

Who doesn’t love a spa day?