What is Snap and chat?


Snap and chat

Just like talking to a friend in person or over the phone, Snap and Chat is a way to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings in the moment without worrying that everything you say will be a permanent record.

Of course, if you want, you can save the Snap before sending, and the other party can take a screenshot at any time. You can also save chat messages just by tapping them. Snapchat lets you pick only what’s important and save it easily.

My story

If chatting with Snap is a short and personal conversation, a story is a story to tell more of your friends.

A story’s Snap can be shared only with friends or the entire Snapchat community. If your story, set up for’anyone’ to see, becomes a huge hit, it may be posted on Discover and elsewhere for more people to see! Snaps in your story are posted for 24 hours and can be removed from your story at any time.

Our story

Snaps you register for’Our Stories’ and other public stories (such as Campus Stories and Spectacles Best) are also on Stories, Discover, Search, Snap Maps, and even third-party platforms (e.g. on large billboards during matches!) May appear. Snaps listed in’Our Stories’ and other public stories are public content, and don’t forget that your Snaps can still appear on Snapchat if they are shared on Snapchat! In addition, content that is posted to’Our Story’ is kept indefinitely and may be displayed on Snapchat for long periods of time (in some cases, months or more). Snaps registered in’Our Stories’ or other public stories can be deleted through Snapchat settings.

In memory, you can easily check the Snaps you’ve saved so far, and you can edit them and send them back!

Memory was developed with privacy and security in mind. From the very beginning of development, we took into account that just because you want to browse past records doesn’t mean you allow anyone to see them!

The purpose of a diary or photo album is to keep memories on your own or to share only with very special people. So your memory can only be seen by you!

Backing up your memory online is convenient because you don’t have to worry about losing it, but this shouldn’t cause privacy or security concerns. ‘Only Me’ was created with this in mind. In’Only Me’, Snap is encrypted and secured with a password you set. So, even if someone steals your device and logs into Snapchat, Snaps stored in’Only Me’ are safe.

If you don’t know your password, no one (even us!) will be able to see what’s stored in your’Only Me’. If you forget your password, please be careful as there is no way to recover the encrypted Snap.


Have you ever wondered how the lens turns your face into a friend’s face, or how your dog’s ears come out?

One of the principles of lens operation is’object recognition’. Object recognition is an algorithm that allows a computer to recognize objects contained in a particular image within a general range. In the case of lenses, the nose is the nose and the eyes are the eyes.

However, object recognition is different from facial recognition. In the case of a lens, you can tell whether it is a face or not, but you cannot tell whose face it is!

Snap Kit

Snap Kit is a set of developer tools that makes it easy to share Snaps, Stories, and Bitmoji from your favorite apps or apps and websites linked to your Snapchat account! If you choose to link to an app or website, you can review and personalize the information shared through the Snap kit. Links to apps or websites can be turned off at any time in the Snapchat settings menu.

If the connected app or website hasn’t been running for 90 days, the app is automatically disconnected. If you have any questions about data that has already been shared, please contact the app developer.


We are committed to developing related products to make Snapchat an enhanced service for everyone. This is why our advertising products are built from scratch. Discover movie trailers or sponsored filters and lenses are examples.

Every individual is different, and no one likes every ad that appears. If you think a particular ad is not relevant to you or is not suitable for Snapchat, please report it by tapping the ⋮ icon, then the ⓘ icon!

We want to show you advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests. However, you don’t want to show ads that are overly tailored to make you feel uncomfortable. Finding a balance between them is a bit difficult, and there may be times when we are not able to achieve the correct balance. That’s why we always wait for feedback from Snapchat users. Please take a moment to share your experience with us!


Spectacle is a sunglasses that captures the world you see. To save important moments, just press a button. There is no need to operate the smartphone. Spectacle sunglasses are designed to be used for a variety of activities, whether for new adventures or everyday routines.

When you take a photo or video with Spectacle, the LED lights up to let your friends know what they were shooting.

Our community guidelines continue to ask Snapchat users to respect and consider the privacy of others. This philosophy extends to Spectacle’s design!

Your Snapchat account

Key account information and privacy settings can be viewed and modified directly within Snapchat. To check information that is not available in the app, visit accounts.snapchat.com and click the’My Data’ then’Submit Request’ button. After gathering your account information, we will let you know that it is ready for download. If you want to leave a permanent Snapchat has accounts.snapchat.com you can close your account.

Account security

It is difficult to protect personal information without safety and security awareness. We provide features such as login verification (a kind of two-factor authentication) to secure your account, and we are working hard to keep our infrastructure secure. Here are some steps you can take yourself to improve the security of your Snapchat account.

  • Set up a strong and unique password. It’s easy to set all app passwords the same, but for the security of your account, be creative and set long, unique passwords. For example, passwords like’Password123′ have little security effect. If you are worried about forgetting your password, try a password manager that creates a secure password without having to remember it! Whatever method you use, never share your password with anyone in order to prevent accidents.
  • Use login authentication. Login verification is an important feature that provides additional security through two-factor authentication in case your password is stolen.
  • Do not use unauthorized third-party applications. Snapchat does not support or allow unauthorized third-party applications or plugins (or cracks). This, when used, can sometimes compromise the security of your and other Snapchat user accounts.

Snap Map

With Snap Maps, you can see where your friends are, what’s going on around them, find your favorite restaurants and bars, and see what’s happening around the world!

When you first launch Snap Maps, you will not be displayed on Snap Maps unless you choose to share location information.

After 8 hours without the app running, you will not be shown on the map until you relaunch Snapchat. The friends you want to share your location with can always choose from the Snap Map Settings menu, or switch to’Ghost Mode’ if you want to hide it from everyone. Also, if location sharing is active for an extended period of time, a notification is sent.

Snaps registered in our story may also appear on the map, but not all Snaps appear on the map. Most of the Snaps displayed on the map are selected automatically.

Story thumbnails may appear on the map if something interesting happens! Most of the thumbnails are created automatically, but stories marked as’Special’ are selected manually. Snaps posted on the Snap map can also be viewed on the website map.snapchat.com , and links can also be inserted on other websites.

Be cautious when registering Snap in our story. The map only shows the approximate area where the Snap was taken, but features or road signs taken on the Snap may reveal your exact location.

Places is a new feature of Snap Maps. Using places makes it easy to interact with local businesses on Snap Maps. Click a place on the map to see a listing of that place, or click Search at the top of the map screen to find a place. You can also order food from your favorite restaurants through delivery partners.

If you see any instances of violation of our Community Guidelines , please report them to us !


Snapchat uses the GPS on your device to provide specific features based on your location. For example, we use location information on your device to provide location-based filters based on your location or what is happening around you, or to map interesting things around you. We also use your location information to screen content that may be of interest to you. This means that French publishers and advertising content are visible to residents of France.

We keep GPS location information for a significant amount of time to improve maps and other features. For example, we may keep information about places you visit frequently in order to provide search results relevant to you or to update your Bitmoji activity on the map. We may also store location information for Snaps that you store in memory or register in’Our Stories’.

If you set your device’s settings menu to disallow location information, you can still use Snapchat, but many location-based features will not work properly (or not at all!). In this case, we can estimate the approximate location of the country or city from the IP address, but it is difficult to provide all services based on this.


With Cameo, you can chat with a friend and send a short video of you who are the main character. To use Cameo, you need your selfies to put into fun scenes. Instead of not using facial recognition software, Cameo cuts your face shape and hairstyle into pieces and puts them into the scene for optimization.

The rights to selfies are entirely with you, you can change and delete selfies, and restrict others from using your selfies on 2-player Cameo in the Snapchat settings menu.

Game and Mini

The game allows you to have fun with your friends on Snapchat. You can enjoy playing games while chatting with friends. Invite your friends to the game, turn on the microphone, and you can chat and play. It depends on the game, but your screen name may be visible to other players, whether you are friends or not. If you don’t hide your score in the game settings menu, your friends may see your score on the leaderboards.

Mini is a set of experiences you can have on Snapchat. Whether you plan to watch a movie late at night, build a deck of flashcards, or organize an artist to watch at a music festival, Mini can let your friends get together. When chatting with friends, you can see each other on the Mini. You can invite friends to use your Mini. Choose which Mini to open and use within Snapchat.


Every individual is different, so even the Snapchat app offers a personalized experience for you!

For example, the friends you exchange Snap with the most are usually the easiest to find, and we are working hard to show ads that are relevant to you. This is done through guesswork about your preferences and dislikes.

For example, if you frequently see dog-related Snaps on Discover, you may be guessing that you are’pet and animal lover’. If you frequently post Snaps about sports memorabilia in My Stories, our system may assume you are a’sports fan’. We refer to these speculations as’lifestyle categories’, and we use them to provide ads and content relevant to your interests! If you wish, you can select the’Lifestyle Category’ yourself at any time.

We also endeavor to provide personalized content to you using the so-called’content tag of interest’. These tags guess what content you might be interested in based on your activity (what you searched for, stories you viewed, celebrities you subscribed to, types of places you visited, etc.). For example, if you frequently watch basketball stories, we’ll create a’content tag of interest’ called’Sports’ and’Basketball’ to show more of your basketball related Snaps. ‘Tag of Interest’ can be reset at any time in Snapchat settings !