What Are the Common Types of Mexican Food?

    Mexican food mix: nachos, fajitas, tortilla, guacamole and salsa sauces and ingredients over wooden background. Top view

    Are you tired of making the same old boring sandwich for every meal, day in and day out? Well, breaking out of your comfort zone and trying new foods will not only give you new experiences but might help you find your next favorite food!

    One category of food of note to try is Mexican food. But what specific dishes make up that category?

    Well, we’re here to answer those questions! It’s time to take a look at our guide to the most common types of Mexican food!

    But enough preamble, right? Grab your fork and knife and let’s dig in!


    Tortillas are a special kind of flatbread that is often used to either wrap other food (this usually makes up a burrito) or serve as a complement to a different dish. While flour tortillas are soft and flexible, corn tortillas are more rigid.

    As a result, people will break corn tortillas into chips to eat and dip in condiments like salsa. Guacamole, a dip composed of crushed avocados, salt, and assorted spices, is another popular companion to tortilla chips. Cooking tortilla chips with cheese makes you nachos, which you can garnish with sour cream, guacamole, chicken, etc.

    Tortillas are easy to find and incorporate in any meal, as tons of vendors like the folks at www.masienda.com offer them ready-to-serve.


    Quesadillas are grilled sandwiches made with tortillas and cheese (though you can add other ingredients like chicken or vegetables). They are pressed together when cooked so the melted cheese “seals” the quesadilla, preventing any extra ingredients from slipping out.


    One of the key staples of Mexican cuisine, tacos are rumored to originate from 18th-century miners in Mexico, who used the term “taco” to describe a piece of dynamite put in between folded paper. Tacos consist of corn tortillas folded into a sort of “U” shape. These tortillas are then filled with different meats, cheeses, and vegetables and passed off, ready to serve.


    Unlike the previous entries on this list, enchiladas aren’t meant to get held while eaten. To make enchiladas, you first fill a flour tortilla with spiced meat and cheese. After wrapping the tortilla tight (like a burrito), a special sauce goes over the tortillas alongside more cheese before getting cooked.


    Popularly made from the twin Mexican staples of tomatoes and beans, chili is a stew you can cook by simmering the ingredients together in a pot. Chili has a reputation for sitting on the spicier end of the spectrum regarding Mexican food, so those with mild palates should beware.

    Fajitas/Fajita Salad

    Named for the signature grilling style used on its meats and vegetables, fajitas function a lot like soft-shelled tacos (ingredients wrapped in a flour tortilla). Fajita salads ditch the tortilla altogether, instead mixing the fajita-cooked meat and/or vegetables together.

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    So What Types of Mexican Food Are You Eating Tonight?

    And there you have it! Now that you have our guide to the most common types of Mexican foods, which dish will you try out tonight? Well, if you want to see even more options (and maybe even some recipes), make sure to check out the other articles on our blog!