Vroom Vroom: What is Car Detailing and Why do I Need it?


If you are running on a tight schedule and find yourself putting off car detailing services, you may want to think again. Knowing what is car detailing may seem like a chore that you can barely find time for, but you risk exposing your car to nasty bacteria in the fabric under stains or unpleasant aromas.

The longer you keep putting this off, the more expensive it will be to repair damages.

To maintain the value of your family car, if you want to sell it down the line, it is essential to look after your ride or let a professional take care of things. Here is all the information about car detailing and why you need this done immediately.

What Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of your vehicle from top to bottom. Every inch from bumper to bonnet needs to be wiped with special techniques and tools to help you revive your car’s overall look and feel.

When you go for a car detailing service, you should prepare to have some light cosmetic work while reconditioning the interior and exterior. Exterior car detailing can involve fixing minor scratches if you drive under a hanging tree branch. Your car detailer can help you get rid of these.

Their advice can help you reduce these types of damages in the future so that your car can always look its best. Auto detailing is not about repairing dents or paintwork.

These are specialized services that you need to discuss separately. If you book an interior car detailing service, your service provider can get rid of dull paint, food spills, and tough wet spots or smells in the car.

In a nutshell, car detailing services are all about helping you make your ride look like you just bought it recently.

How Car Detailing Removes Smells/Stains?

A car detailing service will tackle all the stains in your fabric and upholstery. They will start with a vacuuming process to wipe away contaminants that build on the surface.

Then it will go after the dried stains with a shampoo. This helps loosen up trapped pollutants in the vehicle. You can also opt for an ozone generator machine to deal with foul odors.

This is also like the machine your favorite hotel might use to remove cigarette smells from rooms and curtains.

How Car Detailing Removes Scratches?

If the scratches are within the transparent coat layer that protects your paint, you can quickly get these fixed. However, car detailing cannot remove deeper scratches, and you will need to repair your paintwork with a respray or touch-up.

The best way to tell the depth of a scratch is to run your fingernail over it. If your nail gets caught underneath the scratch, it is too deep.

Why Is Car Detailing Important?

Car detailing is the best way to reduce wear and tear. This will make your car look better if you have not driven it for long. Car detailing services can significantly affect your car’s appearance by taking care of minor problems.

You should not hesitate to go for a benefit because you may have to repaint the entire car if you do not remove stains or bird droppings. This is because these can be acidic enough to permanently damage your car’s exterior.

This is one of the best services to ensure that your vehicle has a glamorous makeover to look pristine throughout the year, no matter what season you are in.

Car Wash vs. Car Detailing

Although most of us splurge on a car wash to achieve a brand-new look, it is temporary. If you want a thorough cleanse, you need to book a car detailing service. Otherwise, you will only clean the surface without touching the filth underneath.

Think about car washing, like brushing your teeth. It will make your vehicle look and feel fresh for a while, but you still need to visit your dentist every few months for a proper checkup.

Car detailing uses professional equipment to help your car achieve cleanliness unlike any other. It is more than running a hose over the outside and drying the interior. Car detailing is the most cost-effective investment because you give your ride a restorative deep clean.

Benefits of Car Detailing

Besides improving your automobile’s physical appearance, a car detailing service can increase its overall value. This cannot be achieved through a quick car wash. You need a professional detailer to restore your car’s original beauty.

Then you can expect to receive more money when you eventually sell your car. Car detailing also offers extra protection. It adds an extra layer that becomes a shield against the elements. Your detailer will add a coat of wax to the exterior to protect your car from rust.

This will also provide your paint with years of hardness and superior protection that cannot be compared to another sealant. Thanks to auto detailing, you never need to spend time waxing or polishing your car for a long time.

Washing your car will also become a lot faster and easier. Regular detailing will also give your engine a boost to run more smoothly. This is because your detailer will clean all the dirt, dust, and grease from your engine.

This way, you do not need to spend a lot of money on repairs and have that extra cash for a nice vacation. You will also lower your chances of getting into an accident because your detailer will clean up all the dirt from windows for you to get the best view while driving.

Book a Car Detailing Service Today

Now that you know what is car detailing, it is time to give your ride the extra love it deserves. Remember that this is a makeover for your vehicle to look glamorous and shiny again as though you just bought it.

A professional detailer will increase your car’s curb appeal in no time, and this will also save you money on repairs. If you enjoyed reading this automobile guide, check out some of our other posts for more information.