Vaping is popular – in a sense. Whether it’s to consume nicotine or THC, more and more people are using vapes. E-juice comes in a variety of flavors, and science points to it being less harmful for your lungs – and far less carcinogenic. 

Not everything is rosy in the vape nation, however – vaping is still seen as a public nuisance by many. Some don’t understand the benefits of vaping. Others just don’t like the smell. 

If you want to improve the image of vape users in the public consciousness – or you just don’t want to be seen as a dingbat – consider following these vaping etiquette tips: 


Ask for permission

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re allowed to vape in a particular space – just ask. If the answer is yes – you may have just found a new favorite spot. If the answer is no – don’t vape! Simple as that. 

Be mindful of the people around you

When you’re at a friend’s house, or even if you’re outside with a few people, be sure to ask before you vape. If they say they don’t mind, continue to be mindful. They might start minding if you blow gigantic clouds in their direction. 

Your vape/juice combo might produce pretty big clouds – point them towards the ground. When possible, avoid going for cloud generation in public – opt for high PG juices. 

Vape outside (in open spaces)

In most places, it’s perfectly legal to vape outside – though in some spots, that’s not true if you’re vaping THC. So enjoy a quick vape break outdoors! Just be conscious of nearby crowds – “no clouds in crowds” is a good rule of thumb. 

Educate people about vaping

A lot of folks still don’t know exactly what vaping is. They know that it delivers nicotine (or in some cases, THC), but they’re not sure why it’s preferable to smoking. When someone is curious about vaping, educate them if you have the time!

You can tell them why you vape, how vapes work, how they produce far fewer carcinogens than cigarettes – whatever they seem interested in. The more people know, the more widely accepted vaping may become. 

Keep cool

Some people may bother you if you’re vaping, even if you’re following all of the etiquette rules we’ve laid out. Do your best to keep your cool. If they seem interested, try to educate them. If they seem belligerent, stop vaping and calmly walk away. 

It’s not your job to educate everyone, and if you’re being harassed, walking away from the situation and preserving your energy is usually the best idea. 


Make clouds in crowds

We addressed this a couple of times in the do’s, but it’s worth mentioning again: don’t make clouds in crowds. If you have to vape in a crowd, try to use high PG, low cloud generation juices and vapes. 

In other words, vape discreetly. Move away from the crowd if you can. 

Stealth vape

After saying “Don’t make clouds in crowds”, here we are telling you not to stealth vape. What’s a vape lover to do?

Don’t worry. We don’t mean “Don’t vape stealthily” – that’s completely fine. We mean “Don’t vape in places where it’s illegal to vape and try to hide it”. That’s not a good idea. You can wind up in legal trouble, and it leaves a bad impression of people who vape.

Vape near children

We don’t want kids (or teens, for that matter) to start vaping. As a stop smoking tool, or a way to reduce the impact that marijuana has on your lungs? Vaping is a great thing. But let’s not give “the youth” the impression that they should start vaping. That’s a decision that they should make as adults. 

There’s a reason they make childproof vapes. Vapes aren’t for kids. 

Vape near food

Enjoying a turkey dinner, just for someone to blow a cloud of bubblegum mint towards your plate? Not a pleasant experience. Save the vaping for after dinner, or go outside for a quick hit. 

Create unnecessary conflict

Don’t pressure people to switch to vaping. Don’t argue with business owners about your right to vape in their store. Basically, live and let live – don’t create conflict where it isn’t needed.

We hope these etiquette rules for vaping help you live a more peaceful life. It’s worth noting that etiquette can vary from place to place. You might experience different etiquette rules in a weed store in Winnipeg than you would in a smoke shop in Shanghai. Keep regional differences in mind, and things should work out fine.