Types of Cat Breeds

Types of Cat Breeds

One of man’s favorite companions is a cat. Keeping a cat has been known to reduce stress levels and ensure a healthier and better functioning heart. Cats can be kept in the home or farm. Domestic cats can serve as human companions and as predators to hunt rodents.

When you are looking to buy one, you will find that there are several cat breeds available. If you are not well versed with cat breeds, you will need a guide. You can visit Holistapet to check out a detailed  guide of different breeds to help you understand them better.

In this article, we will discuss some breeds that you can find in pet stores as well as the benefit of keeping a cat.

Benefits of keeping a cat

There are several benefits that can be gotten from keeping a feline friend. Some of them are:


Cats are delightful companions especially for persons who live alone. They are loyal and their active nature makes them fun to be around. Cats are also great at listening so talking to them can help you feel relaxed and a purr is all the reassurance you need.

Increases Responsibility

Having a feline friend increases your sense of responsibility as you no longer have to take care of just yourself. Although cats do not require as much effort as other pets, having one makes you more aware of your environment.

Healthier Heart

Several studies have shown that stroking your feline friend has relaxing and calming benefits. Also, since much is not required for their care, you have less reason to be anxious.

Pest Free Home

Having a cat means having a pest-free home since they are predators of household rodents. You no longer have to worry about mice and even insects.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Cat

The following are some factors to consider:


Thinking of getting a kitten or an adult? A kitten can easily adjust to its environment but requires much attention and training while an older cat is likely to have health challenges thereby requiring more visits to the vet.

Shedding Habit

Some cats shed their hairs more than others, so unless you are up for constantly cleaning balls of fur, you may want to go for a breed that sheds less hair.

Health Challenges

A few felines suffer genetic diseases which require constant visits to the vet so ensure you know the health condition of the cat you are getting.


Deciding on the personality of a cat is closely linked to the reason for getting the cat. Would you prefer a vibrant, active cat or a docile, calm one? Your personality to a large extent also determines which cat to get.

Types of Cat Breeds

Types of Cat Breeds

Just like humans, cats have different personalities and knowing the right one to choose will go a long way in serving the purpose for which it is intended. There are over 50 recognized breeds by various cat associations. Some of these breeds are:


Popularly called mitten cats or thumb cats due to their ability to grow extra toes which makes their paws look like they have thumbs. It could have up to eight toes in each paw. This breed can also be trained to give high-fives.


It is famous for its blue eyes, white paws and dark mask. This beautiful breed is not only rare but its look is also hard to breed.

British Shorthair Cat

If you are looking for a companion, this breed is the right partner as it enjoys people’s company. Its eagerness to fetch makes it doglike. It is also popular for its appealing looks and calm personality.

Siamese Cat

Known as a status symbol, this breed has also served as a present among dignitaries. Most of its features including its head, leg, and body are long. Their irresistible blue eyes and loud meows are also part of their amazing features. One key personality of this breed is its insistent nature. You can also read more about this breed here.


This furry luxurious cat is one of the most popular breeds in the world and its popularity can be attributed to its quiet and affectionate nature. Some of its features include a round head, a broad face in which sits a short nose and a stocky body. It requires daily grooming due to its furry nature and constant ultrasound as they are more likely to have kidney disease.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Some of its features are a thick waterproof double coat, tufted ears and toes which makes it a suitable partner for snowshoeing. Its calm and affectionate nature, big paws, muscular structure, and fur make it quite huggable.


This breed has an affectionate personality and is also active. It also has a shorthair ticked length and has a variety of blue, ruddy, red and fawn colors.


With spots similar to a Leopard, this breed is very athletic and suitable for competitions. It also has a curious personality and is very active. Its shorthair and richly colored distinctive marbling make it unique.


This feline has an affectionate personality and is equally people-oriented making it an ideal companion. Its stocky and muscular features make it agile. The color of a Burmese varies from champagne to platinum or blue.


Very similar to the Persian in head and body type, the exotic has a short plush coat and an affectionate, quiet personality. It also shares similar patterns and colors with the Persian.

Japanese Bobtail

As its name implies, this critter originates from Japan. Its coat length comes in both longhair and short hair with a short rabbit-like tail. This breed has a highly intelligent and active personality.


One distinct feature of this breed is its tailless nature although it has a thick dense coat. It has a gentle and quiet personality. The Manx is quite weighty and can be found in a variety of patterns and colors.

These are some breeds that you can choose from. Additionally, if you need tips on how to care for your pet, you can check here: https://www.wikihow.com/Take-Care-of-Your-Pet


Cats have various characters and having one that fits your lifestyle is important. Contact a known breeder to help in choosing the right feline friend. Cats are very intelligent and can tell the mood of their owner and can provide comfort in lonely or sad moments.

While some cats demand attention, most cats are capable of entertaining their self thereby giving you more time for yourself. Having a feline friend doesn’t require as much space as a dog making it a more suitable pet option. Always ensure that proper care and attention are given to your feline.