Top Causes of Academic Failure


Education is not all about studying and reasoning. There are many things that students do during the course of study that shapes their being. There are great concerns among stakeholders, teachers, parents, and students on why learners fail. This is a good move because it shows that many individuals have seen the need for education. This call allows learners to focus on what matters to enable them to succeed academically. The practical knowledge you acquire determines your progress in education.

The need to satisfy your parents and be on top of your class increases the need to succeed. Many are determined but still end up failing. This shows that some underlying aspects deter them from achieving their goals. This article is an answer to all individuals concerned with education. The ideas presented here allow you to see the academic journey from a different perspective.

Individuals Factors

Before we blame it on anything, we must agree that many scholars fail because of individual factors. While learners from the same class succeed, others fail and blame it on their teachers. Determined learners can achieve anything despite the setting. Here are some individual factors that play a significant role in determining the student’s success.

Having No Goal

Many students have not defined what they wish to achieve after four years in high school or college. They lack practical steps to ensure they achieve what they want. This is dangerous because you will land on anything and still be satisfied. You will not get the right direction if you do not have a goal. Have objectives and set your priorities right.

Class Attendance

How often you attend classes determines how you acquire. Students should take classes regularly to follow up with teachers to have the best results. A good number of students boycott class, and this reduces their acquiring potential.


Students without vision depend on others to make choices for them. They rely on their peers to tell them what they need. This is also dangerous because such scholars settle for less. Know what you need and work towards it without being too dependent.


This is a trait that is killing many students. All learners have the potential to succeed, but many are too lazy to wake up to the call. Such learners do not have a timetable; they do not create time to study. The best they can do is to attend classes and sleep. Lazy students know what they should do but do not do it.

Internal Organization Factors

Apart from individual factors, institutional aspects also affect students’ performances. They might be willing and determined to achieve their goals but be let down by institutional factors. Some of them include:

Way of Teaching

Institutions have their way of teaching, which contributes to students’ failure if it is not done correctly. Unique styles are not enough. It must cater to the needs of individual learners. Students have different learning styles that must be taken into consideration. If institutions achieve this, many students will acquire and do well in education.

Writing Support to Learners

Does the institution allow students to get support from experts? The support learners get apart from the regular schedules plays a significant role in their academic excellence. Consider help from a reputable essay writing service and learn more to achieve your educational objectives.

Teacher’s Characteristics

Instructors are essential aspects of a student’s life. Learners cannot attain better grades without having good instructors. Teachers with a positive approach to education offer the best support to ensure learners do well. Some instructors are equally lazy. They do not offer what learners need, and they are not available for consultation. Their attitude can easily make students miss the mark.

Additional Factors

Students also fail for various reasons. For instance, procrastination makes students fail to prioritize important aspects. They end up piling work and thus miss deadlines or deliver shoddy pieces because of insufficient time to research the subject. They also have negative thoughts that affect their concentration.

Poor time management is also a serious problem that makes learners fail to achieve their desired goals. Time is everything to a learner. You must measure what you do against time and plan effectively for everything. Finally, the fear of failure- students get depressed when they think about failing in the forthcoming exams that destabilize them. This is a common thing, but it should not make you lose your way. You must learn how to handle failure to succeed. Note these factors and work on them to attain academic excellence.