If you love tech, buying a car in today’s market is an exciting endeavor. There are new tech features added to each release, making each model even more compelling and creating a driving experience that feels shockingly futuristic.

That said, sorting through all of your options can be overwhelming. Whether you’re shopping for something luxurious or something cost-effective, remember that safety is your top priority. If you’re looking for a well-rounded vehicle, check out this list and be on the lookout for cars with these top safety features.

1.  Adaptive Cruise Control

If you do a lot of highway traveling or you have a long commute, adaptive cruise control could really change up your driving experience. While traditional cruise control keeps your vehicle at a set speed until you turn it off, adaptive cruise control will measure the speed of the car in front of you and maintain a safe distance. If you’re currently driving an older car or a model with fewer advanced features, adaptive cruise control may make it feel like your new car drives itself.

2.  Lane Assist

Lane assist features are another thing to look out for. Many new cars have automated lane keeping functions and lane departure warnings, which keep your vehicle centered in your lane and alert you when you go over the lines. Drivers still have to pay attention to the road and make necessary moves, but the overall driving experience is much easier. Along with adaptive cruise control, these features can make your drive vastly easier and relieve a lot of stress.

3.  Blind Spot Detection

In addition to helping you maintain a safe speed and stay in your lane, new cars often have sensors that can detect other cars and obstacles in your blind spots. These sensors can help you be more aware of your surroundings and prevent accidents and damage. When switching lanes or backing out of a parking spot, you’ll notice the benefits immediately. Advanced safety features like this can help improve your driving record and ultimately lower your car insurance rates.

4.  Tire Pressure Sensors

Another convenient feature that many new cars have is tire pressure sensors. Your car will monitor your tire pressure and show all four tires’ levels on your display. If the sensor detects dangerously low pressure, a leak, or a potential flat, you’ll receive an alert. This helps cut down on major road hazards and allows you to address tire problems right away, which is better for road safety and for the health of your car.

5.  Forward Collision Warning

Like the sensors that detect vehicles in your blind spots and monitor your car’s position, many new cars can detect stopped vehicles ahead of you and warn you to prevent a collision. Some cars feature systems that automatically brake when they sense another car or an obstruction in your path. These features are designed to compensate for distracted driving, but they can certainly come in handy in the event of an emergency.

6.  Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Other features that were designed to minimize the effects of distracted driving include device pairing programs, like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Many new cars come equipped with these systems so that you can effortlessly connect your phone to your vehicle. You can look up directions, view saved maps, see push notifications, accept calls, and play music all from your car’s smart display or through voice controls. While drivers still need to be careful and keep their eyes on the road, these systems prevent them from having to pick up and use their smaller devices.

As you research new vehicles and try to narrow down your options, keep these advanced tech features in mind. You will notice more and more convenience and safety features with each new release, so stay on top of cutting-edge tech developments and make sure that your final choice has the most practical features out there!