If you love hot chocolate bombs, then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve listed my top five places to buy hot chocolate bombs in Toronto, and included the locations of some of the best shops. From the Etobicoke bakery’s bombs to the Staij & Co. hot chocolate bombs in the Financial District, Toronto has plenty of options.


    If you’re in the mood for some delicious hot chocolate, look no further than Chocosol. This bean-to-bar chocolate maker is all about celebrating the rich flavour of cacao, while avoiding synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and artificial flavours. The company’s ingredients are rooted in the spiritual ecology of Indigenous peoples in the Americas, and their bars make the ultimate indulgence.

    You can choose between vanilla, mint, white, and dark chocolate. You can even add booze for a fun twist. Some hot chocolate bombs come in different flavours. There’s a s’mores bomb, a marshmallow bomb, a matcha white chocolate, or an Earl Grey. You can even find a Mexican hot chocolate bomb – complete with gold flecks.

    When you’re in Toronto, don’t miss the explosion of the Chocosol trend. These new food trends are gaining popularity across the country, and now Toronto has a few places to buy them. You can even find holiday mini hot chocolate bombs from local chocolatier Coco XO. They come in holiday flavours and can be enjoyed with a glass of hot milk. And don’t forget about the delicious holiday flavors!

    Several places sell Chocosol hot chocolate bombs, and if you’re looking for a place to buy the delicious treats, consider visiting one of these locations. At Etobicoke’s Millie Desserts, you’ll find a variety of different flavours and textures, including a Christmas tree-shaped bomb. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the mood for chocolate!

    Gouter’s Amazing Hot Chocolate Bomb

    You’ve probably heard of a new food trend that’s been sweeping Toronto this month: hot chocolate bombs. Similar to bath bombs, these chocolate spheres are filled with hot cocoa mix and popped into a cup of warm milk or water. If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, try a hot chocolate bomb at Gouter’s! The bombs are a fun way to end a meal and are sure to be a hit with everyone!

    The hot chocolate bombs are made from high-quality Cacao Barry dark chocolate. Inside, the bomb is filled with decadent mini marshmallows and an in-house hot chocolate mix. The treat is perfect for a night under the quilt! As a bonus, all ingredients are sourced from local producers, so you can rest assured that the bombs are free from allergens. In addition, the bombs are available in three different flavours – chocolate, coffee, and tea.

    Omg Baked Goodness

    Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage right now, and it’s no surprise. The explosion of these chocolate spheres has people talking about them all over social media. These heavenly creations are made from sustainable Belgian couverture chocolate, and are available in a variety of flavours including matcha, Earl Grey, milk tea, and lavender. And they aren’t just a mouth-watering treat – they’re also fun to eat!

    Besides making tasty hot chocolate bombs, they also serve coffee and treats. Their hot chocolate is made fresh daily and is so creamy that it can even light marshmallows. While you’re in Toronto, check out Omg Baked Goodness and Soul Chocolate. Both produce gorgeous chocolate truffles from bean to bar, and Soul Chocolate serves espresso and tea. If you’re craving something sweet, you can even buy their homemade baking chocolate to make your own chocolate bombs at home.

    McEwans Fine Foods

    There are various varieties of these bombs, including colourful and booze-filled. If you’re looking for something a little different, you can find them at McEwans Fine Foods. Some even come in sprinkle dreams packages or are flavored with marshmallows. There are many ways to customize these bombs, so you can make them as unique as you are.

    This local hot chocolate bomb spot in the Entertainment District makes its creations from sustainably grown Belgian couverture chocolate. You can choose from matcha white, dark chocolate, Earl Grey white, milk tea, caramel sea salt, and even lavender white hot chocolate. There’s definitely something for everyone at McEwans. If you’re not into the whole matcha thing, try a Mexican hot chocolate bomb.

    One of the hottest trends in food right now is hot chocolate bombs. Essentially, these bombs are bath bombs that contain a mixture of cocoa and hot water. If you’re not sure where to find the best bombs, try searching for the hashtag “hot chocolate bomb” on social media. You might be surprised at how many videos there are of people eating hot chocolate bombs! There are also some great online options for purchasing hot chocolate bombs. One place that sells hot chocolate bombs is McEwans Fine Foods in Toronto.

    Cacao 70

    If you’re looking for a Toronto hot chocolate bomb, you can’t go wrong with the chocolate-themed Cacao 70. You can choose from a wide variety of cocoas and indulge in a delicious hot chocolate bomb. You can also indulge in chocolate desserts at the Cafe, which also features a chocolate fondue. It also serves chocolate drinks. The decor of the caf√© is reminiscent of a French bistro, but with an added touch of modern design.

    There are two Cacao 70 locations in Toronto. Cacao 70 offers Belgian hot chocolate, which is made with sustainably sourced cocoa beans. You can add it to a cup of hot milk to create your own indulgent treat. The hot chocolate bombs at Cacao 70 are made with high-quality ingredients and are delicious in all forms. If you love the taste of hot chocolate, you can try the Jaguar version, which is expected to win Gold at the World Drinking Chocolate Competition in 2020. In addition to this hot chocolate bomb, you can buy truffle ornaments.

    The Entertainment District is home to some of the best hot chocolate bombs in the city. Bombs here are handcrafted with sustainable Belgian couverture chocolate. You can find bombs with different flavours such as matcha white, dark chocolate, Earl Grey white, milk tea white, and even lavender white. Some bombs are even decorated like Christmas trees! Try a few and decide which ones you like best.

    Another Toronto hot chocolate bomb shop is Mary’s Bridgadeiro. This small chocolate business specializes in brigadeiro, a Brazilian-inspired sweet treat. In addition to its milk-based chocolates, Mary’s Bridgadeiro also has two types of cookies in a cup. Try one of these, and you’ll be in awe.