Tik Tok Offers Shopify Users the Ability to Sell Products Online


The Asian social network TikTok signs a partnership with the Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify. A collaboration that shows the will of the leaders of Tik Tok to assert themselves in the field of online commerce.

Now Shopify reps will be able to sell and place their various products on the popular video creation platform. They will be able to create, execute, and optimize their marketing campaigns.

To make this action possible, users will have access to key features of TikTok For Business Ads Manager.

A win-win partnership when we know that the two platforms have millions of users. For Shopify sellers, all the advertising tools made available to them will give them the possibility of sharing their initial content in the form of an advertising video.

“TikTok is one of the world’s fastest-growing entertainment platforms, with over 100 million highly engaged users in the United States alone. Through the TikTok channel, Shopify merchants – even those who don’t yet have solid TikTok content – can connect with these new audiences using authentic content. Said Satish Kanwar, Vice President of Production at Shopify.