Instagram is the fourth most influential social media platform in the world today, with 1,478 billion users.

As such, it’s a vital marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. That is when you know how to harness its power.

Without keeping track of Instagram metrics during your marketing efforts, you’re shooting in the dark. These are the marketing KPIs to keep tabs on when you use Instagram to promote your business.

Number of Impressions

All impressions count when it comes to Instagram. This term refers to the number of people who saw your post, whether they liked and commented on it or not.

You’ll find these figures on the activity tab to the right of your post. The more, the better.

Keep tabs on which type of posts get the most attention on Instagram, and let them guide your marketing efforts going forward. Consistency is key when you market your brand on Instagram, so stick with what’s working.

Engagement Rate

Engagement refers to followers who interacted with your content, i.e., how many people liked and commented on your posts.

You can calculate your engagement rate by adding up the total number of likes and comments you get in a week and dividing that figure by your number of followers.

The higher the percentage you get, the better. In marketing industry terms, anything below 1% is poor.

It’s important to keep track of the engagement rate for your hashtags, too. Making up innovative marketing hashtags is ideal, but you can also look for trending ones to create content that’s in line with current trends.

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Follower Growth

The more the merrier rings true when it comes to followers on Instagram. This metric will affect everything else, including how well your brand performs online.

This metric highlights whether your content is catching the attention of new people. It’s important to note any changes in your number of followers over time.

It’s simple to work this out by dividing the number of new followers at the end of a month by the number of followers you had before.

The more followers you have, the greater your chances of earning a sale from your Instagram marketing efforts.

Sales Statistics

Instagram boasts several features to help you drive sales of your products. You can use product tagging, creator-led shopping, and more, but you must keep track of the results.

The platform’s built-in Insights feature gives you access to sales metrics like product page sales and views. You can also use online tools, like Linkin.Bio to see how many people clicked through to your shopping pages via your bio and track their activity.

Maximize Your Instagram Metrics

With the help of Instagram metrics, you can build your brand a lot faster on this popular platform. Allow these figures to guide you toward more exciting types of marketing instead of sticking with what you think works.

Statistics and facts don’t lie, so break out of your marketing mold and watch your engagement soar.

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