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So many Americans are shifting to solar as their home energy source that the number is estimated to triple in the next 10 years. As solar becomes a more mainstream power source, product manufacturers are always looking for new ways to be energy-efficient.

You may be wondering how best to take advantage of solar power to use for your home appliances. Here are some of the best solar appliances that will make the most of your solar power.

High-Efficiency Washer

Washing machines are actually appliances that use some of the least amounts of solar power. However, if you upgrade your home after going solar, you should consider getting a new washer.

High-efficiency washers use less power and also take less time to wash your clothes. This will save you time and money in the long run when going solar.

Heat Pump Dryer

Unlike the washing machine, running a dryer can be more costly and add to your electric bill. Although solar saves you money, you still want to ensure your dryer does not eat up all of the energy generated from your solar panels.

The best solution for this problem is a heat pump dryer. Heat pump dryers can drastically cut your energy usage and still get your clothes dried quickly. Since dryers are so expensive, they will be one of the most cost-effective items on your solar savings report.

Convection Oven

If your family does not use the oven a lot, you should consider a convection oven rather than a traditional oven. Convection ovens, on average, use about 80% of the energy that traditional ovens utilize.

Convection ovens also come in a variety of different sizes and models. This offers more flexibility, especially if you are a one or two-person household that does not need the power of a full oven.

French Door Refrigerator

If you want to get a new refrigerator after going solar, your best bet is a French door model. Not only do they offer much more storage and cool features, but they also use less electricity.

This is because when you open a French door refrigerator, you typically only open half of the fridge. By doing this, you will save the power that would leak if you opened the entire refrigerator at once.

Gas Stovetop

An obvious way to cut down on your electrical usage overall is by using a gas range rather than an electric one. Gas is relatively inexpensive and you will not have to worry about cooking if your power supply runs out.

Upgrade Your Home With Solar Appliances

When you get a solar panel system installed in your home, you can also benefit from appliances that are more energy-efficient. With these solar appliances, you can effectively use your solar power without worrying about any surprise electric bills.

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