The Best Boat Seating Options for Different Budgets


    For the past couple of years, more and more people have been taking up the boating lifestyle. In fact, the number of new boat owners nationwide is at the highest it’s been in fifteen years. Likely, you’re among one of these many people looking to get into boating. 

    When it comes to picking your dream boat, boat seating is likely the last thing on your mind. You may consider the Captain’s Chair, as that’ll be where you’ll be steering the boat from, but what about the other seating on your boat? 

    Keep reading to learn about your available boat seating options.  

    High Back Seat

    A high back seat works well in all types of boats. Also, because of its high back, this type of chair lets you stay more comfortable for longer when out on your boat.

    You can find a high back seat at a decent price range, as this type of chair is available for a variety of budgets. Likewise, you’ll save money on installation, as a high back seat is simple to install.

    Casting Seat

    A casting seat is a swivel chair that you can easily detach and put away when you’re not using it. Casting seats take up little space, making them ideal for small boats.

    But, to install a casting seat, you’ll first need to have a seat base. Despite this extra cost, casting seats are versatile as you can use this type of chair for more than casting your fishing reel.

    Because casting seats take up such little space, multiple casting seats can be arranged in a variety of configurations to accommodate your passengers.

    Folding Boat Seat

    If you’re on a budget or have a small boat with limited space, then you may consider using folding boat seats. Like casting seats, folding seats can be easily stored away and quickly set up when needed. But unlike casting chairs a folding chair doesn’t need a seat base to be installed. 

    The Importance of Vinyl Upholstery for Boat Seating

    Vinyl upholstery is a more cost-effective and durable option in comparison to leather upholstery. Moreover, vinyl upholstery can handle the sun’s UV rays without taking a beating, meaning that they stay looking newer for longer. 

    To learn more about how to maintain your vinyl boat seats and your boat as a whole, read this blog on boat cleaning

    Get the Best Seating for Your Boat

    When shopping for your first boat, don’t be distracted by flashy colors or powerful engines. Rather, before picking your dream boat, consider what boat seating will be most appropriate for your budget. And, more importantly, consider your intended use for your new boat.

    And remember, when it comes to boat seating, vinyl upholstery is a must. No matter your budget, make sure that you get vinyl boat seats.

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