Technology gets a bad rap at times, but it can be a useful tool for helping children learn. In today’s world, they’re surrounded by it and many children have smartphones through which they can easily access the internet. Using technology in the classroom can be a good idea as it utilises something children are naturally interested in; it can also help them learn in different ways and through a variety of media. Read on to learn more about the benefits of technology in education from an independent school in the UK.

Encouraging collaboration

Technology makes it easier for children to work within a team and collaborate on tasks. They can carry out projects digitally, and easily save and comment on each other’s work. This means they don’t necessarily have to be in the same classroom to work together, and they can continue school tasks at home. Gaining technological skills during school also allows children to keep in touch with their friends during the holidays if they’re not able to see them in person.

Stimulating creativity

Children can learn about anything they like online and there are many different resources available to them. Technology can help them express themselves creatively; for example, if a child enjoys art they can create sketches online or if they like making models they can find inspiration from watching videos. Whatever they’re interested in, they’ll be able to find out information about it online and even join communities of others who share the same passion.

Personalized learning

It can be difficult for teachers to give children individual attention in a large group, so being able to use technology to find resources and learning materials tailored to each child ensures they’re getting appropriate support. Children absorb information in different ways and online activities can be harnessed to help them take in ideas and concepts according to their own individual learning style. Work can also be tailored to individual pupils’ abilities, something which can be harder to achieve with offline resources.


Technology provides children with a much more immersive learning experience than simply watching a teacher write things down on a whiteboard. Taking part in educational games increases engagement and the interactive elements can help children better understand information. They may also be able to monitor their progress which will keep their motivation up, and learning via technology is much more exciting for children than more passive activities.

Skills for the future

Learning to use different technologies in childhood will reap many benefits later in life. Technology is changing all the time and many careers require digital skills, so children get a head start through using it at school. They might find they have a natural talent for particular tools which they can explore and build on as they grow and mature, or which could even lead to a future career in technology.

As you can see, the use of technology has many benefits in education and is a vital aspect of children’s learning in an increasingly digital world.