Sunday Scaries: How to Better Prepare Yourself for the Work Week


We all know that feeling of the Sunday scaries: The day is coming to an end, and all you can think about is the long work week ahead. Sundays make us feel like our weekend of fun and relaxation has come to an end, and now we have to think of all our responsibilities. The notion of the Sunday scaries can bring up feelings of anxiety and even dread, but, if you properly prepare yourself for the week, you don’t have to feel this way.

There are some great coping methods to make Sunday one of the best days of the week and set you up for success starting Monday morning. Try picking out your outfit the night before, including your accessories like your favorite gold chain, and then create a list of things to do and get yourself organized, so Monday morning doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are some more handy tips for making Sundays just as fun as the rest of the weekend.

Sunday Scaries: How to Better Prepare Yourself for the Work Week

Plan Something You Look Forward to Each Week

So many of us dread Sunday nights because that anxiety about everything you have to accomplish is on our minds. But, if you try to stay in the moment on Sundays, you’ll reduce these feelings and maybe even look forward to a relaxing Sunday night each week. Try to think of a fun or relaxing activity that you can do every Sunday to help you look forward to this day instead of dreading it.

If you have a favorite show, plan to watch it Sunday night. You can even turn it into a viewing party—invite friends to come by and make your favorite snacks. Or plan to get active earlier in the day. Having something to look forward to on Sunday will help distract you from those feelings of anxiety and enjoy your day of rest over the weekend.

Prepare Your Clothes and Bag the Night Before

Getting prepared for Monday morning on Sunday night may make you feel overwhelmed by your tasks for the next day, but you’ll be glad you did it when you get up on Monday morning. On Sunday night, make it part of your routine to lay out your clothing for the night before. This act of preparation will get you in the right headspace for the next day. You can set out your outfit and your favorite accessories like a gold watch for men or a beautiful set of bangle bracelets for women.

When we wake up on Monday morning unprepared for the day, we tend to feel doubly anxious and may just throw on the first outfit we see in the closet to help get the day over with. Although we may not realize it, our outfits can play a major role in the way we feel. When you’ve woken up to a professional outfit that you know is going to make you feel confident and ready to tackle the day, you’re more likely to show up on Monday morning motivated to get your work done.

Get Ready for the Week Ahead on Friday or Saturday Instead

One of the most common pieces of advice that people give to rid themselves of the Sunday scaries is to organize your work for the week on Sunday night. While this may be beneficial for some, for others it ignites further feelings of anxiety because they are beginning to think of all the work they need to accomplish. Living in the moment on Sundays can greatly reduce those feelings of anxiety, so, if you feel more stressed by the idea of planning for the week on Sunday night, try moving your planning day to Friday or even Saturday.

Friday evenings tend to be rejuvenating because we know we’ve made it through the week, and we’re looking forward to all the fun and relaxation of the weekend. Before you let your weekend begin, why not plan your tasks for the following week while you’re still in work mode? Make a to-do list of things to accomplish on Monday morning and leave it at the office. On Monday morning, you’ll come in with goals already in mind without having to stress yourself out on Sunday night.

Go to Sleep Early

We cannot stress enough how beneficial a good night’s sleep is to your mental health. Mondays can be tough, but waking up feeling groggy and under-rested will only make them more difficult. Set an early bedtime for yourself and practice a few bedtime routines that can help you relax, such as journaling before bed, reading a book, or meditation.

If you have trouble falling asleep, a routine activity can help your brain recognize when it’s time to relax, making it easier to get to bed each night. Research has shown that meditation can greatly reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which are often the things that keep us up at night, so find a good guided meditation on YouTube or Spotify that allows you to let go of your fears and apprehension.

Sunday Scaries: How to Better Prepare Yourself for the Work Week

Do Some Self-Care

It’s not called self-care Sunday for nothing. Turn your Sundays into a day of full relaxation. Draw yourself a bubble bath, do a face mask, indulge in a cup of tea—whatever makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Taking care of our bodies and our minds will ease us into the work week and leave us feeling much more prepared to take on the tasks at hand.

Creating healthy routines is the best way to fight off the Sunday scaries. Part of the reason we feel that dread every week is because we’ve come to associate Sunday with anxiety. Replace those feelings of anxiety with feelings of leisure by changing your routine and practicing self-care that makes you feel healthy, happy, and refreshed.


Sunday Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Don’t let the Sunday scaries get the best of you. Learn how to identify those feelings of anxiety that tend to sprout on Sunday nights and take active steps to create new routines that make you feel good and excited for the week ahead. Laying out your clothes will make you feel motivated, while practicing self-care and planning a leisure activity will help you look forward to Sunday nights rather than dread them.


It may take a little bit of time to make these practices part of your normal week, but, once you’ve learned to master the art of enjoying Sunday, those anxious feelings will melt away.