Snapchat Ghost meanings


 Snapchat Ghost meaningsSnapchat Ghost MeaningsSnapchat Ghost meanings

Ever wondered that what is Snapchat Ghost meaningsSnapchat Ghost is known as the best Snapchat Emoji in all Snapchat Trophies 2020. This is for Masters only. You can only Achieve this Snapchat Trophy only when you score 500,000 Snaps. Below the is a list of Stages before you reach this Snapchat Ghost.

Snapchat Ghost meaningsBaby face snapchat Trophy means that You have reached a Snap score of 10

Snapchat Ghost meaningsGold Star Snapchat Trophy means You have reached a Snap score of 100
Snapchat Ghost meaningsShinning stars snapchat trophy You have reached a Snap score of 1,000

Snapchat Ghost meaningsYou get This Star snapchat Trophy when you reached a Snap score of 10,000

Snapchat Ghost meaningsThis Red Spark snapchat Trophy means that have reached a Snap score of 50,000

Snapchat Ghost meaningsThis Rocket Trophy means that you have reached a Snap score of 100,000

Snapchat Ghost meaningsYou get this Funny Ghost Emoji when you become Master on Snapchat and score 500,000 snaps.

There are some other kinds of Snapchat Ghosts as well which also show next to Add a friend list. Snapchat Always expresses the achievement and rewards with emoji. Snapchat Ghost meaning a Ghost face Emoji but there are a lot Snapchat Ghost emoji here see the list here.