What is Snapchat Emoji Meaning? Have you Ever Thought What does each of the Emojis on Any Social App or Website Means? Each of the Emojis has some meanings. So here are details on what is Snapchat Emoji Meaning? All the Emojis Appearing Next to Snapchat friends Names have the following Meanings.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningGold Star Snapchat Emoji Meaning is if you have something Special On ur Snap and Someone has Replayed it at least Twice in last 24 hours for then, This Gold start Emoji appears as ur achievement.

Snapchat Emoji Meaning Yellow Heart Snapchat Emojis Meanings is when you and your Friend share Most of you Snaps with each other. Then you get this Yellow Heart from Snapchat Emojis.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Red Heart, Snapchat Emoji meanings that you was in a continous snap sharing with your one Best friend for couple of weeks. Then this Red Heart emojis is given to You.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Pink Heart, Snapchat Emoji meaning that you was in a continous snap sharing with your one Best friend for almost a full Month. Then this pink heart emojis is for your Dedication.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningAs this Shows a new Born Baby’s face this Snapchat Emojis Meanings is your have just started your friendship with this person.

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Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis face with Sunglasses Snapchat Emoji meaning that you and your best friend both send a lot of Snaps to your one Mutual Friend.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Grimacing Face Snapchat Emojis Meanings is when your best friend is your friends Best friend too and you both send the most snaps to the same persons all the time. This is really Awkward feeling isn’t?
Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Smirking Face Snapchat Emojis meaning is When Your are one of the best friend of someone but you don’t consider them your best friend. You don’t send them snaps but they Keep on sending you a lot of snaps. Then this Smirking face is your exact Feeling.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Smilling Face Snapchat Emoji Meaning is when someone is not your best friend but still, you send a lot of snaps to them considering they may not the best but they are your friends anyways.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Fire Snapchat Emoji meaning is when you are on a Snapstreak. Where you have snapped that person everyday and they have returned the sanp to you as well, which increases the Numbers as days go by.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Hundred Sign on Snapchat Emoji Meaning is you 100 day of being Snapstreak. This signs appears with the fire sigh when you and your friend snap each other back and forth for consecutive one hundred days.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThis Hour Glass Snapchat Emoji Meaning is when you Snap streak is about to Expire and you have to send another Snap to keep it Alive.

Snapchat Emoji MeaningThe Birthday Cake Snapchat Emoji Meaning is that its your friend’s birthday Today its only here as a reminder and it shows when your friend has enabled this Birthday Party Feature in his Setting.

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