Smart Square Mercy, A Technology for Healthcare Industry

What is Smart Square Mercy

If you are from the Healthcare industry, then you must have encountered the issue of maintaining patient-related data. Technology has played a vital role here to solve this issue. In this blog post, we will discuss Mercy Smart Square software specially created for the Healthcare industry, this will save time and energy of doing manual tasks.

What is Smart Square Mercy

Smart Square Mercy

Smart Square Mercy is an online portal for healthcare professionals created by the healthcare company Mercy Healthcare. The Smart Square Mercy is designed for the benefit of patients and nurses, other staff in hospitals and clinics, etc software lets you manage your employee’s schedule and post notes to the patient’s profile.

Traditional methods are not enough to meet the demands of today’s high-population world. If you’re running a hospital, you’ll see multiple patients a day, and the work process for each patient is more to do. In these cases, traditional manual maintenance is not enough, and alternative technology exists for this.

As a nurse, you can use it to manage your daily and emergency staff shifts. With Smart Square Mercy, you can also change the contact details and update any other information on a patient. A smart square is a helpful tool for all types of healthcare facilities. You can log in at any time to manage the schedule and postings of your employees.

How does smart square mercy work?
How does smart square mercy work?

How does smart square mercy work?

Mercy Smart Square is very simple software any member of the staff can use this software to check patient information. You can see your personalized dashboard after logging into your smart square mercy account. By logging into your account dashboard, you can manage the defined schedule, and using the features, you can easily add or remove clients in your hospital to schedule the emergency team.

Features of Smart Square Mercy

Mobile Friendly Software

Smart square mercy has a mobile compatibility feature. Staff members can operate this software with their smartphones to manage and update patients’ data. Unlike many software which need a Pc or laptop to work properly, Mercy Smart Square is mobile-friendly. You can also log into Smart Square Mercy through your mobile device

Mercy Smart Square is mobile-friendly
Mercy Smart Square is mobile-friendly

Secure software:

The Smart Square Mercy is limited to certain areas only. No third party can access your mercy smart Square software, Since it has very confidential data about patient History, medication, and treatments, that’s why the developers made sure that smart square software is secure and not accessible from any unauthorized person. The IP address of the software is not visible to anyone.

Staff Scheduling:

Smart Square Mercy also helps in managing staff information such as Timing, Duty hours, Speciality, etc. Managing staff duties and timings manually was very confusing and it has created a lot of issues in the past but with Mercy Smart Square Software it is easy to manage staff duties and timing to keep the health sector work smooth.

The Smart Square Mercy system allows you to manage your clients’ appointments through the hospital’s smart board. It also lets you post reminders to patients and allow the staff to view them as well. This service is useful for all healthcare providers, from doctors and nurses to non-nursing departments. With this feature, you can easily manage your staff’s tasks with the help of a convenient and secure interface. It can be used to manage patient appointments and information.

How to login into the Smart Square mercy software:

The software is designed very user-friendly, you can just visit the website from Computer or Smartphone and use your credentials to access the software dashboard. Access Mercy smart square in three simple steps:

  • Enter your username and password for smart square mercy.
  • Finally, click the “Login” button, and you will see your smart square mercy account.

Smart Square Mercy offers a Customized Dashboard

Mercy Smart Square also has a customizable dashboard where you can manage your personnel schedule. Whether you’re looking for an employee or an employer, you’ll find all the tools and support you need to manage all aspects of the staffing process. Using this software is easy for both candidates and employers. It also makes the application process hassle-free and efficient. It is also designed to be user-friendly. By setting up a free account, you can access all the features of SmartSquare.

Smart Square Mercy can set Reminders

The Smart Square Mercy software allows employees to post reminders and appointments to the board. Using Mercy square smart’s smartboard, staff can view patient information and personal details. A simple login will give you access to your user account and the calendar. If you need to contact your patients, simply login to your online account and complete the necessary scheduling.