Six Amazing Mattress Brands To Opt For (2020)


Choosing a mattress can be a pretty complicated task, right?

Not only do you have to consider your sleeping positions, sleeping habits, and more, but you also have to sort through numerous available products as well. Before you make a sure decision, you need to factor in the mattress prices, reputations, etc. No wonder it’s a time-taking process.

To make this easier for you, we’ve created a catalog of some of the best mattress brands in the market. They’re trusted, leading global brands that have mattresses that suit all kinds of needs and requirements.

If you want to know what our picks are, keep on reading.

  1. Brooklyn Bedding

Our first choice is none other than Brooklyn Bedding. Now, if you’ve ever happened to read an article about mattresses, I’m sure you’ve come across the brand “Brooklyn Bedding”. Although it is known for its excellent and luxurious products, their statement hybrid mattresses are what give them their repute. Brooklyn Bedding’s hybrid mattress is a dream come true for all sleepers. It is a masterpiece of sleep technology, with the perfect blend of memory foam and innerspring. Its unique structure gives ample support to the body and the mattress materials make it an excellent option for hot and cold sleepers alike. Brooklyn Bedding is a renowned and highly-acclaimed bedding brand that you must turn to.

  1. Idle

Next on our list is Idle, an online mattress brand that, after going through numerous variations, has introduced itself as tough competition with its one-of-a-kind mattresses. The defining product of this brand is its flippable mattress, which took everyone by surprise. This is a double-sided mattress where one side is latex hybrid whereas the other is memory foam. Their unique product design has made them a go-to option for many people. But other than their flippable mattress, they also have a host of other excellent products such as their latex hybrid, all-foam mattress, gel-padded mattress, etc. While they’re still an emerging company, their products are excellent as is evident by numerous Idle sleep mattress reviews.

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  1. Nectar

Nectar is a mattress brand that has become almost a household name now, and rightly so. Their selection of reliable and affordable products has made them a fan-favorite. Nectar mattresses are nothing short of amazing and none of them sacrifice anything, whether it be firmness, cooling, support, etc. Their staple memory foam mattress perfectly combines comfort and breathability and gives your body adequate support while you sleep. Each product has been carefully crafted, keeping in mind the science of sleeping, and has been created to suit every kind of sleeper and all kinds of environments. What makes it all the better is their affordable prices, which make you feel that you’re truly getting value for your money.

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  1. Saatva

While we did just mention affordability, if luxury and living luxe is what interests you, then no mattress brand can do it better than Saatva. Their signature product, the Saatva Classic will make your bed feel like that of a five-star hotel. With 800 coils that are wrapped separately, special foam covering, and a Euro pillow top surface, Saatva makes even a short nap feel like heaven. Although Saatva products are priced quite steep, the money is worth what you get. The mattress quality is like nothing that you’ll ever see anywhere else, and you can take our word on that. One of the best things about Saatva, other than their products, is the fact that they’re environmentally conscious and all their products are made of recycled components.

  1. Helix

Known for their heat-transferring mattresses, Helix has gained quite a following over the past year or so. Their signature mattress, which is the Helix Midnight Luxe, is considered a godsend for all hot sleepers who cannot sleep on regular mattresses. Their unique hybrid mattress, which is designed to promote airflow and let your body breathe even on the hottest nights of the year, is one of the best mattresses in the market. Other than that, their mattresses also have a great firmness and provide amazing support to the body, regardless of whichever sleeping position you prefer. Nowadays, you can find Helix on every mattress buying list, and rightly so.

  1. Allswell

Last but not least, we have Allswell as the concluding brand on our list. Allswell mattresses bring together great features and affordability and allow you to have an excellent night’s sleep without you needing to empty your pockets. Their mattresses are high-quality memory foam and infused with cooling copper and charcoal, which make them a terrific choice for hot sleepers. But at the same time, it’s comfy structure and soft support body make it a great option for those who prefer warmth and coziness. Even though memory foam is known for being quite dense, their mattresses have outstanding ventilation properties that prevent overheating. However, best of all is the fact that their prices are only a fraction of other brands.