Score Booster Tips for Quantitative Aptitude of SSC CPO Examination

Score Booster Tips for Quantitative Aptitude of SSC CPO Examination

If you have always dreamt of being called 'Men in Uniform', SSC CPO Examination is the way to go. Staff Selection Commission conducts Central Police Organization (CPO) examination torecruit future officers in paramilitary forces and Delhi Police as SIs & ASIs. Owing to thisimmense opportunity to join police forces, millions of aspirants compete to feel the pride of donning the Khaki and camouflage uniforms. However, only a few can achieve this dream due to limited vacancies.
In SSC CPO Examination, the marks of CPO Tier I have a great impact on the final selection a sit is the stage of examination where you have to take the lead from average students by scoring high marks. It can be achieved only by scoring good marks in all the sections of the CPO Examination, especially Quantitative Aptitude. Quant Section is often where the marks of the average student and serious student differ. Hence, it is your section to take a lead and emerge as the top rankers.

Best Tips to Boost Your Quantitative Aptitude Score

Basics: You would have always heard the lines like this year's paper was very
conceptual. Yes, it is a very common phrase in SSC CPO Examination, especially
Mathematics. In SSC CPO Examination, Mathematics Questions are more basic biased
testing the conceptual knowledge of a candidate. Therefore You should devote adequate
time to understand the basics of each chapter be it arithmetic, advance, or
miscellaneous topics of number systems like arithmetic progressions or Geometric
Progressions. Since every single mark matters in the CPO Examination.

Practice: No matter how much you have studied the theory and formulas, it will all go in
vain if you haven't practiced well. Since in the SSC CPO Examination, there are a total of 50 questions- it requires a lot of practice to solve all the questions in the allotted time. Moreover, if you take more time in Maths Sections, you will be short on time for solving other sections like Reasoning & English. Hence, practice a lot so that you acquire a high speed along with high accuracy. Also, never forget to attempt DIs Quizzes of Bar Graph, histogram, etc as they can be very calculative and require a great amount of practice.
Previous Year Papers: Now, in SSC, Previous Year Papers are like the Bible- you can'afford to miss them. Before appearing in the actual examination, you should positively solve at least the last 5-6 years' question papers. Moreover, in the SSC CPO
Examination, the majority of the questions are repeated. In the worst-case scenario,
even if not repeated, the pattern of the questions remains the same.

Short Tricks: Now, understanding the basic concepts is important to handle any type of
tricky questions in the SSC CPO Examination; Short Tricks also hold vital importance.
Considering the lengthy structure of SSC CPO, short tricks can become highly effective
in solving arithmetic questions. As stated above- a lot of questions are repeated in the
SSC CPO Exam, hence, you should at least prepare short tricks for the most repeated
types of questions. It will help you in saving a lot of time during the examination that can
be used wisely on other questions.

Mocks & Analyse: During the course of preparation, it is important to be relevant and
stay on track; mocks can help you achieve this goal. Attempting mock tests should be an
important part of your preparation strategy. However, more than giving, analyzing it is
imperative. You should make it a habit to analyze your mock to find out your weak
topics, strong topics, speed, and accuracy. After analyzing that data, you should use that
data to enhance your preparation further and improve yourself.

SSC CPO Examination is one such examination that will give you direct access to serve the
nation. Moreover, the pride and respect you will get will be complimentary. Hence, give your best shot at the SSC CPO Preparation.

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