If you own any type of business, you want to be making the most of social media. Almost everybody has at least one account online and this is something that your food brand can be using to promote sales, build your reputation and gain loyal customers.

In particular, Instagram is the perfect platforms for food brands to thrive. After all, who does not want to see images of delicious food? If you are new to running an Instagram account for your food brand, here are some tips on how you can make it work.

Work with a Marketing Agency

First of all, it is important to note that running an Instagram account for a brand is not easy. It is not like having a personal account where you can post the odd image whenever you want as a hobby. You have to put a lot of thought behind each post and spend regular time on the app to make it work. You will not just miraculously gain followers overnight. If you do not think you know how to run an Instagram business account or you have too many other responsibilities, consider working with a food marketing agency like Ceres PR. They have an expert team that is going to be able to assist you with this task.

Reply to Comments

One thing that a lot of brands forget to do on social media is interact with their following. This can be done in such simple ways but it can make customers feel good and like they are connecting with your brand. For example, replying to comments is a great way to interact. Ask your followers questions and encourage engagement. Have some fun and learn new things about your customers. They are going to enjoy your experience and you can get a lot out of it too.

Focus on Quality

To build your following, we already know that you have to post content on a regular basis. But, you also have to focus on quality not quantity. Regular posts are only going to be successful if it is media that people enjoy looking at. Let’s be honest; you want to see quality snaps and videos rather than blurring and boring images. Therefore, take your time and think about the content you are posting. Focus on really selling your brand and showing off the best things about it. This is going to help build your reputation and grow your following.

Run a Competition

Everybody loves a competition and the opportunity to win prizes. So, this is something you can do on your new Instagram page that is going to gain followers and spread the word about your brand. For example, a good way to run a competition is to get people to like and share the post, as well as to follow your account. You will see a lot of people doing these things and this is going to help you. What’s more, after the competition is over, you are going to have a lot more followers. Plus, there are going to be people that follower your brand that have never heard of you until now. If they like your food brand, they are going to make purchases in the future.

Have a Posting Schedule

As with any social media account, you have to be active in order to help your food brand. You cannot just post a simple image once a month and expect to gain a lot of likes and followers. Instead, you have to be committed and create a posting schedule. This means that you have to post interesting content at least a few times per week. If you are able to offer this type of consistency, it is really going to pay off. More people are going to discover and get to know your food brand. At least two or three times a week is recommended for new businesses out there.

To Summarise

If you have a food brand, one of the best social media platforms for you right now is Instagram. People love looking at content involving food. But, in order to benefit your brand, you need to be active. This includes replying to comments from followers, as well as focusing on quality content. You should have a posting schedule to gain followers, plus run regular competitions to create excitement around your brand. Do not forget that there are expert food marketing agencies out there to help.