Why Project Management?(For most if not all persons involved in project politics)

Project management is a same day bachelor degree that will provide substantial income potential,  economic and personal, to you for life, or so it is said.  The reality is that you should do very little real project management, and really just manage by exception.  You can expect a nice pay check for managing little to no new ideas that are well researched. As on a prince 2 Certification belfast course.

If you are an IT professional, or a project manager at any level, go ahead and “do your own thing”.  It is really your choice.

This article is not for everyone.  It will be aimed at project managers that really know their strategies (not those who are “winging it”) and proper group control.  Do not take anything lightly as these ideas are not precise.

It can be a huge concern to some project managers to project any specific ideas about “how we do it” to those who they employ.

If you do not, that project manager could kill your proposal for a task because you didn’t think to tell them-in a certain way.  Yes, thinking out the mechanics is not always very important.  To understand how you might implement something into your plans might not be the best use of the time at the steps ahead of you.

First and foremost have your proposed work plan (as concise as possible).  Keep in mind that if you want outside help, then you are the one who has to prepare the logistics (and cost), and even the timetable from a work plan. You could get away with a “go ahead and help me” request. That (in my opinion) is a mistake because that forbids you 100% of penalizing the people that are going to develop the end result.

You need to communicate in easy to understand terms, the exact details of the work you are doing, if done right, and also, who will do that particular activity and when. The bigger need is Never tell anyone how to do anything, if you are the one doing the work.

Similarly, make sure any process is involved correctly, that it is understood (oon the process), documented and that every task has a complete summary.

Make sure of two things:

1) this highly important step could be one of the most important in the project plan.

2) I have splashed in a lot of “water to save a fish” (not quite literally) and am not sure if you know this secret, do you and if so, is now the time to reveal it to me.

Regardless of the costing, clear communication of your proposed actions should never be an issue.  Here is an important suggestion:

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What do you personally enjoy most about the corporate culture?

What gains have you seen from your current portfolio of projects? Even if it is not a success indicator, you should – in a certain way – be proud of it.

This is significant, because the answer is priceless.

I.e. if there is a web, there will be a web of needs.

Once you have your capturing, the answers are yours, it’s then time to start your procedures.