How an MBA from Dehradun will make difference in your career?


Dehradun is one of the most picturesque hill stations in India with a great reputation for being an important academic destination in the country. The city is renowned for its prestigious higher education institutions, universities and colleges catering to different professional domains including engineering, law and management.

Pursuing a management degree from an established university in Dehradun can open up plenty of career opportunities for fresh graduates in diverse fields such as business, information technology or general administration. You can also opt for an MBA course in Dehradun if you are a working professional and want to upgrade your managerial skills for career advancement or promotion.

Read ahead to go through the different career prospects you could explore if you decide to enhance your career with an MBA from Dehradun.

  1. Information Technology Directors: Information technology directors are responsible for managing a company’s IT department, products, or services. They oversee the development and expansion of the department and create new strategies and policies for the same. The role requires a thorough knowledge of IT systems along with excellent planning skills and strategic decision skills.
  2. Senior Database Administrators: The role of the senior database administrators is another managerial role in the IT domain. They create effective database architecture that caters to the business goals and requirements of the company. Senior database administrators may have to collaborate with the IT department in maintaining an error-free database. The role requires excellent collaboration skills along with a thorough knowledge of programming languages such as SQL.
  3. Senior Management Consultants: Senior management consultants have experienced management freelancers who help businesses improve their organizational efficiency and productivity. They work with the upper management of the company to identify different management problems and suggest actionable solutions for them. The role can require strong problem-solving, interpersonal, and analytical skills.
  4. Sales Directors: As a sales director, you will lead to regional, national, or company-wide sales teams in completing the business and revenue goals for the year. Sales directors have the final say in the approval of product and advertising campaigns, inter-departmental collaborations, and changes in sales and marketing policies and strategies. Sales directors need to be excellent at strategic planning, organization, and corporate communications.
  5. Investment Bankers: Investment bankers work with financial lending institutions or banks to connect them with influential investors. They are in charge of the close evaluation of sensitive financial documents, financial strategy development, and communication between clients and investors. You should be proficient in financial analysis and interpersonal communications to become an investment banker.

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Apart from this, you can also become a human resources director, IT systems manager, project manager, payroll manager, or recruitment specialist.

An MBA can help you take your management career to the next level in the field of your choice. Look for suitable business schools in Dehradun today to enroll in an appropriate MBA program for a successful future.