Innovative Tools for Stroke Rehabilitation


Did you know that there are nearly 800,000 cases of strokes each year in the United States?

Around 610,000 of these cases are people who have suffered their first stroke. Depending on the severity of the stroke, it can be relatively difficult getting back into a comfortable life routine. This is why it’s important to explore all your options.

Are you wondering what can help? Keep reading to learn all about innovative tools for stroke rehabilitation.

The Vagus Nerve Stimulator

When it comes to innovative tools, the Vagus Nerve Stimulator can help boost your vagal tone. The phrase “vagal tone” refers to the general health of your vagus nerve. The nerve itself extends from the brain stem and spreads through your body, sending important signals to your digestive system and other organs.

A stroke can lead to lower vagus nerve activity or worse. With the Vagus Nerve Stimulator, you can attempt to identify vagus nerve damage symptoms as much as possible. In general, people increase their vagal tone through practices like meditation and massages.

While these activities can go a long way toward helping stroke patients, the tool can provide even more relief and improvement.

Speech Therapy Tools

If someone experiences a stroke on the left hemisphere of their brain, then it’s likely that they’ll need to focus on improving functions related to language production, among other things. This is why you should attend speech therapy as soon as possible.

While speech therapy can’t heal the neurological injuries within a patient’s brain, it can provide you with a range of tools and practices to re-learn the components of speech. This will help a stroke patient become more independent and have successful social interactions, whether it’s a date or going to the bakery to pick up some fresh bread.

For instance, there are apps that help with articulation. You may feel like you’re starting from square one, but with enough practice and dedication, it’s possible to get some of your previous speech skills back.

Medicinal Marijuana and CBD

Some people who have experienced stroke get chronic seizures afterward. The good news is that medical marijuana has become legal in many states. Marijuana has a history of reducing seizure frequency, if not preventing them altogether.

There are also promising benefits that come from CBD, a product that doesn’t have any THC like marijuana. CBD is legal in many states as well.

Are You Ready for Stroke Rehabilitation?

Whether you’ve experienced a stroke or are starting a medical practice, these innovative tools for stroke rehabilitation are changing the way we look at the whole process. Now that you’ve learned all about them, you can incorporate them into your healthcare regimen as needed.

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