Important Things You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes

Smoking electronic cigarette in the city outdoors

For those who have not yet used e-cigarettes, they have probably heard about them. It is now a trend that most people are buying into, especially the young generation. Lawmakers are in top gear to make laws and regulations that will control the use of these devices. Experts, especially in the health department, feel that people do not know a lot of things when engaging in vaping.

After doing extensive research, we have insightful highlights that will be invaluable to those who are about to start in vaping and those who have already started but are still in the dark.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that are powered by a battery to burn e-liquid into an inhalable vapor. The battery is usually charged before it can be used. It powers the atomizer unit which holds a resistance coil. E-cigarettes come in a variety of coil types and batteries depending on the experience the user would like to have.

They also have a cartridge that holds the tank and mouthpiece. This is the chassis of the vape device and is usually made from strong material like aluminum, copper, hardened PVC, or sometimes wood. Tanks are either made of glass or metal but both materials have been proven to last a long time when handled well.

Known Health Risks of E-Cigarettes

Unbeknownst to many people, e-cigarettes have health risks. According to the official site of a reputable vape device and accessories seller, e-cigarettes are a better alternative to smoking regarding someone’s health. However, everyone must know the possible health risks that are associated with this habit.

  •       Nicotine risk – Most of the e-liquids contain addictive nicotine. Only a few of them are nicotine-free. Thus, vaping exposes users to health risks that are similar to a cigarette smoker concerning the presence of nicotine.
  •       The presence of toxins – Nicotine and other substances in various e-liquids contain harmful toxins. Although there is a claim that this is many hundreds of times lower than cigarettes, users are still in danger.
  •       Allergic reactions – If you are asthmatic or have any other type of allergy, you are likely to trigger it when you vape.
  •       They are not good for sick people and pregnant women – We all know that pregnant women should not use nicotine as it puts their unborn kids in danger. Likewise, people with chronic illnesses should not put their bodies under more stressful conditions unless vaping is a recommended way of administering the medication.

Knowing More About E-Juices

There are several types and flavors of e-liquids, or e-juices as they are commonly known. Many people use them without understanding their contents or potential pros and cons. They are made of a base, usually propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, water, and nicotine. Other ingredients are added depending on the intended experience.

The Takeaway

Lastly, both manufacturers and sellers of vape devices and accessories claim that they will help you to quit smoking. Many users have also claimed this, especially when there is a gradual reduction of nicotine in the e-juice. However, research is still ongoing to come up with conclusions on this. So, as you use e-cigarettes, it is good that you ponder what we have discussed and also research more to understand them better.