Impact of Installing Impact Windows

Impact of Installing Impact Windows

Impact windows are a great way to protect your home. They reduce the risk of damage from hurricanes and storms significantly.

They also help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Plus, they can help lower your energy costs.

Protection from Hurricanes and Storms

Impact Windows are designed to withstand more than 150 miles of hurricane-force winds per hour. That’s enough to protect your home from the most dangerous of storms – and it could even prevent you from being affected by a tornado.

These hurricane-resistant windows are made from two layers of glass, each sandwiched by a plasticized vinyl reinforced with metal frames. The inner layer of glass absorbs and dissipates energy from the impact, preventing damage to the outer layer.

These double-pane windows also help keep your home more comfortable by blocking harsh sunlight and reducing energy bills. Furthermore, they increase insulation R-values significantly. Additionally, installing impact windows may qualify you for a wind mitigation insurance rebate from your home insurance company, saving you a lot of money on your monthly premiums.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Impact windows are highly energy efficient, making them an excellent choice for any home. In addition, the thicker glass panes and high polymer content of these windows trap heat inside a home more efficiently than standard annealed glass, which means your HVAC system will not need to run as often or as long.

These windows are also designed to prevent UV rays from entering your home, decreasing the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on your furnishings and personal items. The intense sunlight can cause fading and discoloration and damage carpets and draperies. Still, impact windows block out these UV rays so that your interior appearance stays bright and fresh.

These windows also significantly reduce outside noise from neighbors or planes flying overhead. As a result, they are an excellent option for homes near highways, airports, and busy streets where noise pollution can be a severe problem.

Increased Home Value

There are many ways that homeowners can increase the value of their homes. Many things can be done to make your home more appealing to future buyers, from redecorating rooms to installing new appliances.

However, some improvements are more likely to add value than others. For example, installing impact windows is an excellent long-term investment that can significantly boost your home’s value over time.

Impact windows come built with two tempered glass outside layers and a shatter-resistant middle layer that makes them extremely difficult to break through. It is an excellent selling point for many potential homebuyers since safety is a crucial concern for most people.

Another benefit of installing impact windows is that they can help to reduce your homeowner’s insurance costs. Most companies offer discounts when homes have impact-resistant windows and doors installed.

Reduced Homeowner’s Insurance

In areas where hurricanes and storms are common, installing impact windows is a great way to reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. 

Installing impact windows also prevents a lot of damage to your home. These windows are specially designed to withstand high winds and flying debris.

They can splinter when hit by flying objects instead of shattering, which helps protect your home from severe storm damage.

Additionally, these windows are naturally energy efficient and can help you save a significant amount on your electricity bill.