How To Place Furniture in a Bedroom


    The furniture industry grew tremendously in January of this year. More and more people are buying furniture.

    If you’re one of those people, you may be wondering how to place furniture in a bedroom. While sometimes it is intuitive, there are times when it can be difficult to arrange bedroom furniture depending on the space.

    If you want some ideas, keep reading!

    Think Vertical 

    One way to organize a small bedroom is to think vertical. Since there isn’t a lot of space, you’ll need to work your way up rather than horizontally.

    To do this, get a bed that has drawer storage underneath. Consider a dresser with a mirror that can sit on top of it so it doesn’t take up more floor space. The dresser could also be a tall dresser rather than a wide one!

    Add in some hanging shelves and hooks to add a bit more storage as well.

    Organize by Zone

    If you have a larger bedroom, you don’t have to utilize the space in the same way as you would for a smaller bedroom. Instead, you can think in zones.

    This means organizing the bedroom with different activities in mind. For instance, you can set up the bed and the dresser in one area, and then use another area for either a reading nook, a crafts area, a yoga spot or to place a spin bike, or something else that has to do with your hobbies!

    A large bedroom gives you much more space to work with to add in bedroom furniture you wouldn’t otherwise have.

    If you need more furniture to fill the space, you can look at furniture stores‘ options.

    Asymmetrical Design 

    A lot of times people believe that the bed has to go in the center of the room. While it can, you can also go with an asymmetrical design for your bedroom space.

    This means placing your bedroom furniture to one side. This leaves more space for walking around and can also make the room feel a bit bigger than it is.

    To make the space look balanced, you can also add in symmetry with lamps, nightstands, and curtains.

    All-in-One Bedroom 

    If you want to use your bedroom as both a bedroom and an office, you can arrange your bedroom furniture in that way.

    You’ll have to arrange the furniture in a way that allows for sleeping on one side and then a desk on the other. You can even add the desk next to the bed to double as both a nightstand and a desk if you have limited room.

    How to Place Furniture in a Bedroom

    Now that you know how to place furniture in a bedroom for different setups, you can head out and get the furniture you want!

    And remember, you can’t go wrong with how you organize – you just want to make it feel best for you.

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