How to Get Started Living the Van Life


Have you ever fantasized about getting away from everything? You picture what it would be like to quit your job and live a life on the road. 

If so, you’re not alone. A 2020 North American Camping Report showed that 15% of campers say they’d like to live the van life. 

But living in a van is a difficult transition for people used to homes built into the ground. So, how can you get started with van life?

If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore the essential things you need to know before you start living the van life. 

Take a Practice Drive

Jumping into the van life without a test drive is rarely a good idea. Instead, it’s best to start by taking a practice drive in your current vehicle. If you don’t have a van yet, consider renting one or borrowing a friend’s.

Then, plan out your practice road trip. What location is doable but also seems like a realistic representation of road life? 

As you go on your trip, pay attention to how you feel. Do you enjoy long days of driving? Can you find a camp in the middle of a busy city? 

Worst of all, how would you handle breaking down far away from a city or town? If these things prove more irksome than enjoyable, you may want to reconsider the van life. 

Decide on a Vehicle That Accommodates Your Van Life

Living in a van has some surprising similarities with living in a house. One of those similarities is not any dwelling will do. Instead, you’ll need to buy a van that accommodates your goals and desires.

Several factors can affect your purchase. First, consider what sort of terrain you’d like to travel. 

Do you plan on spending a lot of time in the mountains? If so, you’ll probably need a van with significant power. 

Similarly, drivers who spend a lot of time near the coast may need vehicles that can handle off-road driving. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the beaches. The best off-road vehicle will probably be a four-wheel drive. 

There are several places you can go to find a van that suits your purposes. If you’re unsure where to start, try out

How Much Space Will You Need?

Even the largest vans have limited space. Since you’ll be living in this van, there are certain things you’ll need the vehicle to include. 

There are a few essentials a live-in van requires. First, you’ll need a place to sleep. From there, consider how you can cook inside.

Next, create a workspace that will fit in your vehicle. After all, even van dwellers need to make a living to keep gas in the tank. 

Finally, you’ll need a bathroom for the van. You can probably find van dwellers on Facebook or Reddit who have tips for doing this. 

Start Your Van Life Today

Starting your van life takes a great deal of preparation. So, before you do anything, take a practice trip to see if it’s enjoyable.

From there, consider the best possible vehicle for your expeditions. Soon, you can have the nomadic life you dream of!

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