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According to a 2019 Gallup poll, about 12 percent of adult Americans smoke weed. Since dozens of states legalized the plant, it is easier than ever to get good quality weed.

If you have ever wondered how to get high, you do not have to worry. Here are some great tips on getting high for beginners, so that you will have a wonderful experience the first time you try marijuana.

Be Around the Right People

When you are getting high for the first time, you should make sure that you are with people you trust. For instance, if you have a close circle of friends or family, you can ask them to try it with you if they like to consume weed as well.

The environment is very important when getting high. If you are with the wrong people, they might try to kill your buzz. This will bring your mood down and you will not get the same experience.

Get a Safe Strain

You should always get marijuana from a trusted source, whether it be close friends or even a dispensary. This is to ensure that the weed is not laced with dangerous drugs that can seriously harm you. The best option is a reputable business.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the strain you buy isn’t too powerful. Some forms of marijuana can cause major anxiety if taken by a first-timer, so look for something that will give you a pleasant and mellow high, rather than an intense one.

Go Slowly at First

When getting high for the first time, you should only smoke a little bit. Your tolerance will be very low, so it will only take a small hit from a joint or pipe to make you feel like you’re floating.

If you want to try something like a bong, you might want to go easier for your first time. You can smoke a joint, or even get mini bongs instead. You will get the same rush, without feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

Be Prepared to Come Down

When you get high, you should always remember that it will eventually end. Coming down from a marijuana high is less intense than many other drugs, but you can still be prepared. Have some snacks on hand as well, because you will also get very hungry.

You should try to take a nap if possible after you get high because you will be very tired. Your high could last anywhere between a couple of hours for a simple joint, or several hours if you experimented with edibles.

Learn How to Get High

If you want to know how to get high, it should not be difficult. With these pointers, you will have a great time with your friends when you experiment with weed for the first time.

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