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Staying connected with close friends who don’t live nearby takes extra effort and can be frustrating at times too. It’s not always possible to hang out regularly with those you love when they live in a different country, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. However, staying in touch and remaining connected can bring many benefits and help to strengthen your friendships over time. Here are some of the ways that you can stay in touch with a friend who lives abroad.

Make Time For Each Other

With everything else going on, it’s not always easy to find time to hang out with friends at all. It can be difficult to find time to meet friends who live in the same neighborhood, and even more challenging to make time for friends who live abroad. But taking just a few minutes of your day to call your friend or arranging a time at the weekend to have a video call can help you to feel instantly more connected to each other.

Remember Special Occasions

One of the ways you can show somebody that you care is by remembering them on special occasions. Send them a gift for their birthday or have something delivered to their home at Christmas time and other holidays. If it’s not possible to ship items to them, consider sending money as a gift instead via international apps like Ria Money Transfer.

Share Moments Together

If it’s not possible to meet in person and share moments together, find a way to do it virtually instead. For example, spend time having a drink together on a call, or share your screen and watch one of your favorite movies together. Take part in a virtual pub quiz, virtual speed dating, or other virtual group activities, which can be joined by people all over the world.

Exchange Photos of Your Day

Part of staying connected with other people is finding out more about them and vice versa. Share photographs and videos of your day with your friends and ask them to show you what’s going on where they are too. This is also a great way to keep the conversation between friends going and will provide a constant flow of new content, jokes, and ideas to discuss.

Read a Book Together

One of the easiest things to do together virtually is to read a book. You can do this either by taking turns to read chapters of the book aloud to each other or by reading it separately and then discussing it during a call – like your very own book club.

If you and your friends are keen readers, this can be a great option to help stay connected with each other. Take turns to choose a different book each month or at your leisure.

It can be difficult to be apart from close friends who live abroad, but by finding time to chat and enjoy moments together you will feel even closer and more connected.

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