How to Find the Best Vape Battery for Your e-Cigarette Device

Man vaping electronic cigarette and blowing smoke.

It must be really annoying when you’re out with your friends enjoying your vape pen or mod and all of a sudden it just stops working.

You forgot to charge it again. But truth be told, it doesn’t hold its charge like it used to. Maybe it’s time to invest in a new battery, and if it’s not removable then it’s time to get a new mod.

If you are in search of the best vape battery for your mod, here is a guide to help you in your search.

Choosing the Best Vape Battery

Vape batteries come in many different shapes and sizes. To find the right one, you must first know which ones are compatible with your vape pen or vape tanks and mods.

Generally, the batteries come in two types: Removable and Integrated vape batteries.

Removable batteries are ones that are charged separately from the vape pen or mod and most times carry a higher charge. If it stops working you can buy a new one to replace it.

Integrated ones are built into the mod and cannot be removed or replaced. They do not take as much maintenance as removable ones, but when they die, the whole vape mod will need to be replaced.

Vape Battery Sizes

Removable batteries specifically come in different sizes to fit mods. These batteries come with markers to signify what type they are, as well as numbers to indicate the dimensions of the battery.

Some of the letters on removable batteries include:

  • Cobalt – Cobalt batteries are known for their longer lifespan due to their battery capacity and overall good energy density
  • Fe, or Iron – Iron has a high tolerance for full voltage storage
  • Li-I, or Lithium-Ion – Carries a high voltage of 3.7, has high energy density, and also a high number of charge/discharge cycles
  • Manganese – If you want fast charging. Also good for higher rates of discharge.
  • Ni, or Nickle – A common battery

You can choose whichever one would be best for your vaping experience. But be aware of the lifespan of the battery that you choose.

The Average Lifespan

For your batteries, the average lifespan should be between 6 to 12 months. This depends on your vaping habits and the frequency of use.

The battery will have certain indicators that it’s time for a replacement, such as not holding a charge and a longer recharge time.

You can try to maximize your battery life by taking care of them. Don’t overcharge them, and try not to over-discharge your batteries.

Enjoy Your Vaping Experience

When choosing the best vape battery for your pen or mod, there are many things to consider. But with this guide, you can figure out which ones would be best for your vaping experience.

Enjoy your vape time without it being cut short because of a poor battery. Get the best battery and take care of it.

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