How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby by Surrogate Nowadays?
How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby by Surrogate Nowadays?

Surrogacy is an important topic in today’s society. However, not all couples can have a baby, and there are many reasons for this. Childbirth centers such as the World Center of Baby offering surrogacy Ukraine cost to come to the rescue.

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is the main issue that worries everyone because it is as important as the safety and selection of a surrogate mother. Surrogacy gives you the opportunity to start a new, exciting journey. Today we will consider the topic of surrogacy Ukraine cost and other nuances.

How Does Surrogacy Occur?

Regarding the surrogacy Ukraine cost, you need to consider all the aspects that the family goes through. The World Center of Baby will guide you from start to finish: the team goes through the steps from screening and paperwork to psychological support for the woman carrying your baby. A critical stage is IVF. Everything happens, as usual: an egg is taken from a woman (a future mother) and fertilized.

The difference is that the egg is not implanted with the biological mother but with the one who will carry the child.  Surrogate mother must have perfect health to help a patient have a baby . This method is called gestational. However, there is another option to take biological material only from the father. This can happen if there are some problems with female patient’s eggs.

Before the embryo transfer, in this option, a patient undergoes an entire course of treatment, with tests and examinations. It comes out quite expensive so that the parents-to-be will bear all the costs.

All You Need to Know about Surrogacy Ukraine Cost

Knowing all the intricacies of surrogacy, you can divide it into stages:

  1. At this stage, the World Center of Baby Intended Parents’ Partners will acquaint future parents with all the nuances of surrogacy and name the approximate cost.
  2. Selection of a surrogate mother. At this stage, the best surrogate mother will be selected for you, with whom you will meet and communicate personally. Further, she passes all tests, visits a reproductive specialist, and takes vitamins.
  3. Embryo transfer. The embryo is transferred to the mother’s uterus at this stage, and an agreement with the indicated amount is concluded with both parties.
  4. 10-14 days after the transfer, an HCG test will be prescribed, which will show whether a pregnancy has occurred. If the test for the content of this hormone is positive, in two weeks, the surrogate mother will go for an ultrasound scan, where future parents will hear the heartbeat of their baby.
  5. Pregnancy and childbirth. For 9 months, specialists control all processes: this service includes accompanying the mother for all consultations and analyzes and the services of a curator for a woman. The curator must be in touch around the clock to answer any questions you may have.
  6. Registration of documents. After giving birth, they will issue all the necessary certificates.

Bottom Line

In general, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine varies from $ 40,000 to $ 80,000, but everything is calculated individually. The price is very high, and it is an expensive service, but there is a hope that it will become commonplace in the future.  Many people are not even aware of the existence of surrogacy. However, it actually solves the problem of infertility and gives a chance for a family.