How Long Do Idiots Live? A Viral Meme on Internet

How long do idiots live

How Long Do Idiots Live?

How long do idiots live is a famous viral meme on Tiktok, This meme started in 2022 and stayed for quite a long. Let’s discuss further the origin and the meaning of How long do idiots live? and also check if is there any scientific verification about How long do idiots live?

One of The Video on Viral Meme How long do idiots live:

@the..0_0..end Exxp #CapCut #mbti #idiots #howlongdoidiotslive #enfp #entp #estp #esfp @•karma• ♬ original sound – -Nobody.Is.Here-

How This Type of Meme Emerge on The Internet

In 2012 this meme just started with an unexpected result on a Google search that everyone starts talking about it.

This meme broke the internet with so many people giving so hilarious answers to these questions and starting to make Funny videos on TikTok How long do idiots live?

How long do idiots live?

What is the meme “How long do idiots live”

It happened to be a random search by someone on Google about “How long do idiots live?” and the Google search box quickly showed the exact answer that idiots live between 12 to 15 years of age. The user may have posted the screen grab of a Google search about “how long do idiots live” on his social media and from there it became viral and so many people around the world started to create videos of this meme in 2012.

Google ai keeps updating itself with the user experiences so Google then Fixed such searches on its Ai to generate answers for such questions, but the result was enough for our Young Gen Z Tiktoker to create memes on “How old do idiots live?”. Users started to make videos on this meme and tagged their friends for the fun sake of being sarcastic.

As per Google’s result, How long do idiots live? It shows Idiots live 12 to 15 years, There was no scientific logic behind this answer. Because if this was the case then all the dumb people would have been dead by their 15 age and all the adults would be a super genius, well we all know this is not the case, We find idiots living a healthy life around us (Jokes apart)

Tiktoker and social media users started to send the screen grab from Google searches about how long do idiots live, to all their friends under 15 years and tagged them with the song Ill never forget you. That means the person who gets the message is allegedly considered to be an idiot. And, as idiots only live for 12 to 15 years, this person was “condemned to die”.

@benji_rivstartI can die soon ♬ original sound – evaxiaep

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@.charles_edits @heizou my beloved i’ll miss you once you’re gone.. #emo #emotional #deep #vent #edit #edits #blowup #fyp #strangerthings ♬ original sound – charles

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How Can Someone Be Part of This Meme on How Long Do Idiots Live?

Just create a reel on social media with a screenshot from a Google search on How long do idiots live, and tagged your friends aged between 12 years to 15 years, who you think is the dumbest. (For Fun sake only)

Lets Talk Science Behind How Long Do Idiots Live?

There is much scientific research on the lifespan of human lives basis on many factors like their mental capacity, physical ability, etc. For example, Norwegian study he asked people to “If you could choose freely, until what age would you wish to live?” and the average answer was about 94 years of age.

Norwegian study on Ageing

This research may sound funny to you but there is similar research was done back in the US where the have a similar answer of avg 94 years of age.

The lifespan of a person depends on many factors so there is no precised answer to How long do idiots live?

Conclusion of How Long Do Idiots Live Memes?

In 2023 you may not be able to find the same answer on How long do idiots live? as the one shown above screen grab from the search was in 2012. But memes keep coming and spreading like a forest fire.


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