Get to know the POS materials for Seasonal Dates

Customize your POS and guarantee more sales! 

Customize your POS and guarantee more sales! 

Throughout the year, we are faced with different special dates, holidays and even celebrations specific to each area or region. In them, various POS materials are used to leverage the sales of each trade! But do you know which printed materials are indispensable at all times? Keep reading to find out!

Let’s start with a very common question:

What is a POS material ?

POS (Point of Sale) materials are items that are positioned in a very strategic way, with the aim of remembering, persuading, highlighting, exposing and even inducing the purchase. 

Knowing this, you must be wondering: 

why customize the point of sale?

Well, a decorated POS attracts more public attention, that’s a fact! Plus, it’s a great way to playfully emphasize products sold specifically for each season! An example of this are the Easter markets, which use eggs to make aisles, promotional mobiles to highlight product values, and even stoppers to emphasize some essential products of the season! 

Another example is at Christmas and Valentine’s Day, where personalized prints serve to make the environment more romantic and welcoming, thus making customers feel more familiar with the date, and also helping to remind them of the products they are looking for to make the season more special. 

Ah, but it’s important to remember that visual communication helps to sell more! That is, prints with art specifically designed for each date attract more looks and consequently sell more! After all, who doesn’t get curious when they see a decoration with strong colors, calling attention to Mother’s Day

But it’s not just commemorative dates that need personalized printing. A great example of this is Black Friday, in which many people wait for months and are eager to “check” their wish list. 

What are the indispensable POS materials on all dates? What can’t be missing from a POS?

There is a huge list of forms that can be used on each date, but some are indispensable on ALL of them, as they leave the POS with a special “face”, and this helps a lot in the process of attracting customers. They are: 

Posters and Posters

They help remind you of celebrations and are perfect for containing special messages, exclusive promotions, featured products, etc. 

Mobiles and Wobbler

They are often used to indicate the position of a specific product or even a sector to customers!

Leaflets and Folders

They are part of the persuasion process, they are generally used to attract the customer to the store, but they can also be distributed internally mentioning promotions and news.   

Bags and Wind Banner

They are excellent for exposing the company, after all, they help to take the brand name to different places, and are excellent options for well-done advertising

Splash , Display and Stopper

They are indispensable when inducing a purchase! After all, they can be arranged discreetly or as a flashy item, reminding customers of special dates, unmissable promotions and special news. 

All of these items can and should be part of everyday life at every point of sale, as they make the environment more intuitive for customers, draw attention to specific locations, which can be determined by management or the sector in charge, and are perfect for attracting and persuading on the spot. of purchase. In addition to all these benefits, they are indispensable when decorating.  

But, here’s an important question: do you know which celebrations are the most profitable? The main commemorative dates that are worth highlighting in all businesses are: 

  • Woman’s Day;

  • Consumer Day;

  • Easter;

  • Mothers Day;

  • Valentine’s Day;

  • Father’s Day ;

  • Customer Day;

  • Sexta-feira Negra;

  • Christmas; 

  • New Year.

These dates can be used strategically, with different languages ​​and visual identities, to leverage sales! Oh, but it’s worth remembering that in some cases some of them may not fit all segments, so it’s important to analyze those that suit your business. 

Personalization tips for a perfect campaign: 

1 – Use an attractive design, with fonts, colors, and images that refer to the era, but always using the brand’s visual identity as a basis, creating a connection between the brand and the seasonal date.  

2 – Flashy phrases must be included in the arts, after all, the customer needs to be instigated. 

3 – Capriche in the printouts! Quality prints with excellent finishing make all the difference. 

Now that you know which forms are indispensable, how about accessing our website and customizing the ones that best fit your segment?